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Fresh Herbs

Easy and Smart Food Storage Tips to Reduce Waste

Fresh foods like leafy greens, fruits and veggies are an essential part of a healthy diet, and because they are free of nasty preservatives and artificial ingredients, they often have shorter shelf life than packaged goods.

Braised Chicken

The Family-Friendly One Pot Meal: Braised Chicken with Vegetables

In the early days of fall, nothing is nicer than gathering around a fragrant and nourishing stew at dinnertime. Braising is one of my favorite cooking techniques because it offers so much flavor with so little fuss. After quickly searing both sides of the meat, simply add liquid (wine, bone broth, vegetable stock) and let simmer.

Roast Chicken

From the Be Well Kitchen:
Easy One Dish Chicken Roast Recipe

One of my favorite recipes to make is this all-in-one chicken dish. It's such a simple way to make a wholesome, nourishing meal. Preparation is minimal - who doesn't love that - and since it's only one dish, clean-up is pretty painless too. It's a good dish to make in the Fall so you can take advantage of the bounty of root vegetables and squashes at that time of the year. Although I use butternut, carrots, sweet potatoes (all rich in beta carotenes) as well as parsnips and onions, please feel free to experiment with other veggies too. For me, it’s comfort food at it’s best.