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Family health

How To Get Your Loved Ones Healthy

I coach many different types of patients in my own practice and here at the Eleven Eleven Wellness Center. Helping loved ones get healthy is the most challenging. Why is it so hard for us to accept advice from those who have our best interest at heart? Often people use food and certain habits to deal with underlying emotions. The truth is you can’t get anyone to do anything they don’t want to. The desire and readiness have to come from within. Here are five ways to help get them inspired.

Boot Camp

Top 7 Health Tips from The Premier Fitness Camp Trainers

Have you ever been to weight loss camp? This summer I got to visit the Premier Fitness Camp outside of San Diego. I showed up there thinking I was in good shape – I’m a health coach, I’ve run four marathons, I’ve climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro. Well, let me tell you, it was a humbling experience! There were “campers” of all shapes, sizes, strength and fitness levels. And each of us was pushed to the limit, working out from 6am to 5pm. There was a ton of variety – hiking, strength training, Zumba, yoga, water aerobics. My favorite was a class called “Full Body Attack” with 10 stations where you had to do squats, boxing, biking, lifting, push-ups and swinging this heavy medicine ball for two minutes each. I went to bed that night with my heart racing, and woke up the next day more sore than I had been since field hockey camp in high school.

Blueprint of the Mind

Re-Designing Your Mind’s Architectural Blueprints

All of us have a downloaded blueprint in our subconscious mind of How It Really Is. I use the term “blueprint” because your belief system is like the architectural blueprint for a house…that someone else designed. Whether it’s finances, love, health, or any other aspect of your life, how you were raised, the lessons you were taught, and your home environment all informed that blueprint.