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Safe Cookware

5 Tips for Buying Safe Cookware

Making wise food choices and preparing most of your meals at home is essential to creating sustainable wellness. The DIY approach keeps you in control of the quality, the ingredients, and how your meals are prepared, the goal being to feed your body well so it can thrive. But cook up all those high-quality ingredients in low-quality pots or banged up, old non-stick pans and you’ll likely undermine your efforts with extra exposure to hormone-disrupting chemicals which, over time, can set the stage for a number of health-busters like cancer, heart disease and cognitive damage.

Mason Jars

4 Eco Kitchen Investments for the Conscious Foodie

The kitchen is typically the room in the home that gets the most wear and tear—and for good reason. It's the hearth, the center for nurturing and sustaining. It smells great. But all that wear and tear can mean a steady cycle of used up items heading to landfills. Like much of the rest of what we purchase, we often opt for cheap even when we'll have to repeatedly replace those items as they break or become useless more quickly. The kitchen, though, is one place where its worth spending a bit more on the front end for investments that will last longer. Besides, many of them are also healthier for you and your family.