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Side Effects

How the Side Effects of Medications Can Make You Feel Old

Leo came to see me because he felt that his current array of doctors—an internist, a cardiologist, a rheumatologist, and a psychiatrist—just weren’t making him well. A lawyer in his mid-50s, Leo had gone for a routine physical and was found to have high cholesterol and mildly elevated blood pressure, two conditions that had led to a veritable cascade of medications.

Antibiotic Overuse

How to Avoid Unnecessary Antibiotics

Did you know that… Antibiotic abuse in the United States is widespread. We have only 4.6% of the global population but we have 46% of the global antibiotic market? 95% of clinicians prescribe antibiotics even when they are not absolutely sure they are needed? 1 in 10 doctors will write a prescription for an antibiotic even though they know it’s not needed, just because a patient asks for it?

Children and Medicine

Why We Drug Our Children

We stand at a crossroads in medicine today. Having practiced developmental pediatrics for the past 25 years, I have become increasingly frustrated by an alarming trend and find myself asking why we are drugging our children for the way they behave? Several recent reports have highlighted this phenomenon and they are worth mentioning here.

Funny But True Facts About Big Pharma With Bill Maher

Bill Maher in his “New Rules” segment on the Pharmaceutical Industry. As he says “Someone has to stand up and say that the answer is not another pill”. Absolutely brilliant although sad that it is a comedian in the media telling us the truth about drugs. This is 5 years old but not dated at all!!!