7 Things You Need to Know About Fermented Foods

Recently, fermented foods like sauerkraut and kimchi have been making news, even though they are, in fact, anything but new – fermented foods have been around for thousands of years. For people living without modern medicine and refrigeration, fermentation has always been not only a simple means of food preservation, but also a way to imbue foods with health-promoting properties, an essential tool for maintaining the gut health.

Restore + Glow With This Gut-Healing And Immunity-Boosting Tonic Smoothie

If you are an avid Be Well follower, you should be aware by now of our firm belief that true health starts in the gut. A balanced gut keeps immunity up (especially during the winter months), helps to stabilize mood, and can help to ward off illnesses. Below are some of my favorite ingredients to include into a daily regimen loaded into a healing and balancing immunity boosting tonic smoothie.

Fire Cider: Why You Should Be Sipping This Folk Remedy Recipe All Winter Long

Fire cider is a potent immune-booster that can also aid digestion, keep colds and flus at bay, boost circulation, and relieve seasonal allergies and sinus infections. It can also help to break up mucus, clear congestion, and warm you up on a cold day. Fire Cider gives a natural boost to your microbiome as well by providing a healthy dose of beneficial bacteria. Not sold yet? Some say it can even lessen hangover symptoms.

Heal Your Gut with This Beyond Healthy Egg Nog Smoothie

Healthy can be decadent and delicious all at the same time. Beat the bloated, groggy and grumpy feelings of overindulgence this season with this delicious and equally beneficial smoothie. You can have your egg nog AND drink it too with this probiotic-rich recipe.

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This week, we talk to Gunnar Lovelace, serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Thrive Market, on healthy living and, of course, his pantry staples.

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