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Life Work Balance

Balance Schmalance

I am probably not the best person to ask about work-life balance, because, frankly, I work all the time. I get up early, do my morning practice (a mini yoga/meditation/reflection routine that can range from five to 15 minutes long), grab breakfast and a cup of coffee, and then go to my desk. From there, I work like a woman possessed — right up until I need to go work out, or I get hungry for lunch, or I feel like my brain is shutting down. Then, for a little while, I make it a point to do something fun and relaxing that doesn’t involve too much thinking.

Healthy Progress

Healthy Progress

Before you set healthy goals for 2012, stop and appreciate what you’ve already accomplished. A quick look back may be the best tool for evaluating what comes next. Like it or not, another 12 months have zoomed by. If you haven’t checked off every last thing on your resolutions list, don’t fret. Chances are you still accomplished a great deal, probably more than you’re giving yourself credit for. Really. We’re not just being nice.