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Travel Health

5 Must-Pack Travel Wellness Helpers

Summertime is getaway time, be it to a nearby beach, a cabin in the woods, or a far-off land a plane ride or two away. And, of course, some folks travel virtually year-round to work and play. So how to avoid travel ills no matter how much you roam? Simple: Keep your body fortified all year long so it’s less susceptible to bugs—and better equipped to fight them should one or two gain a foothold.

Recharge Your Workout With Ribose

Recharge Your Workout With Ribose

At the risk of sounding dramatic, the sight of people at the gym guzzling “sports drinks” often makes me cringe a bit. I understand their popularity – they’re easy and available everywhere – but I can’t understand why anyone would willingly pour fructose, food coloring and assorted chemicals into their body, particularly when there’s a far healthier way to support athletic performance and recovery. Assuming you’re not a pro athlete, but do have a regular workout routine to fuel, consider ribose, for an immediate, healthy boost.