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The Hormone Cure by Sarah Gottfied

Interview with Dr Sara Gottfried, Author of the
Newly Released The Hormone Cure

Q. You’re not the usual OB/GYN, yet you were educated at MIT, Harvard Medical School, and are a board-certified gynecologist. What made you go rogue? A. It’s in my genes to go rogue – my great-grandmother was a radical whole foodist and yogini, decades before there was a yoga studio on every street corner. She would show up at our home in Annapolis, Maryland, not with gum or Barbies like my friend’s grandmothers, but with kale and carob/wheatberry cookies. She drank hot water with lemon and extolled the virtues of fish oil to me at the breakfast table, when I was… 5. But it wasn’t until I was in my 30s that I understood her legacy.

Get Your Groove Back

Get Your Groove Back

When the alarm rings, Laura groans and hits the snooze button. She feels dead on her feet before she is even on them. As she eases out of bed, she is aware of her stiff back, sore hips, and tight neck and shoulders. She shuffles to the bathroom and, looking in the mirror, notices that her puffy eyes don’t look as clear as they once did. Her hair and skin have become dull. She heads to the kitchen for her breakfast, usually some combination of caffeine, carbs and sugar (or maybe nothing at all). As she eats her breakfast, she is assaulted with the daily TV or newspaper report of the latest tragedy or celebrity or political infight. And then the daily scramble begins in earnest.