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5 Things Your Dentist Might Not Have Told You

Too often, we associate the dentist as a place to go after something has already gone wrong with your teeth. But your dentist can be one of your most powerful allies in preventing illness not only in your mouth, but throughout your body. Your dentist is responsible not just for your teeth, but also how your jaw, face, and airway all develop. These things affect your ability to breathe without interruptions throughout the night, and thus, impact the quality of your sleep.

Sleep It Off

Sleep It Off

New research shows that sleep significantly influences metabolism, appetite and weight management. Could getting more shuteye help you ward off excess pounds? When I was in college, I often began my homework at midnight. Nothing seemed to focus my thoughts on a term paper better than a morning deadline. I knew this routine wasn’t a wise one — after all, I might crash facedown in my textbook. But I told myself that adrenaline improved my writing. Besides, I figured I was losing weight on those nights with only four hours of sleep. I assumed that all that effort to stay awake and functional had to be zapping away the day’s calories. Turns out that I was greatly mistaken.