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Lunchbox snacks

Healthy School Lunch Ideas You Can Call Happy Meals

Although time-consuming and arguably tedious, packing a lunch for yourself or your children can be a powerful way to express your love and support and set a healthy intention for the day. At its core, preparing food for others is an act of love — and, as a parent, one of the most potent powers we possess is to support our children’s health. Embrace the chance to make the meal special, healthy and tasty and your children will feel the depth of your care for them.

Lamb Stew

From the Be Well Kitchen: Lamb Stew Recipe

My brother Chris suffers from severe rosacea. He tried many different remedies but nothing improved his condition - until the Be Well Cleanse. After just two weeks on the Be Well Cleanse, his skin improved, he has more energy and he’s sleeping better. His wife, Mary Ann not only joined him on the Cleanse but cooked delicious, sustainable meals. Last weekend, she made a nourishing lamb stew, a perfect meal for the entire family in this cold weather.

Lentil Chickpea Stew

From the Be Well Kitchen:
Lentil Chickpea Stew Recipe

A close friend gave me a Crock-Pot as a wedding gift. She’s a busy mother of four and said it was her secret weapon. The slow cooker sat in storage for at least a year before I attempted to use it. For someone with little cooking experience, it looked scary! Little did I know it would become a lifeline to creating healthy, fresh meals for the entire family. It’s put to good use at least three times a week for everything from rotisserie chicken to soups.