4 Reasons Why Healthy Sun Exposure is Essential this Winter

Enjoying a ‘sun-break,’ and not a sun-bake, confers a host of benefits that you shouldn’t miss out on, particularly once winter starts to take hold. What’s all that sun doing for your bod? Here are a few of the good things that happen when you let the sun shine in – and tips on how to do it strategically and sensibly, of course.

Naturally Shield Your Skin From the Sun With Food

A safe sunscreen (like zinc oxide) is your best bet when it comes to protecting your skin from harmful UV rays. But did you know that you can increase your skin’s resistance to damage, aging, and even cancer with certain healthy foods?

Plants have their own built-in protection against the damaging effects of the sun.

What to Eat to Prepare Your Skin for the Summer Sun

You can actually help your skin better protect itself from sunburns by eating real, whole foods and avoiding pro-inflammatory foods like sugar and processed seed oil! I have heard stories of people who find themselves much more resilient to the sun after switching to a more nutrient dense diet full of vegetables, healthy fats and clean protein sources like eggs and wild fish. Certainly worth a shot!

4 Timely Tips for Healthy Sun Exposure

Although irresponsible sunbathing is unquestionably harmful and precautions need to be taken, regular, moderate, unprotected sun exposure is essential for good health. It’s free, easy to come by and good for you when handled wisely. It’s also the only reliable way for your body to generate vitamin D, an essential ingredient for optimizing health and preventing disease.

What Are Your Thoughts On Getting Some Sun?

For about the last 30 or so years, doctors (dermatologists in particular) have repeatedly told us that sun exposure is bad for us and causes cancer. But is that true? In the last few years, numerous studies have shown that modest exposure to sunlight may actually be good for you, helping the body produce the… Read more »

Summer’s here – and the living should be easy

First of all, let’s make sure we get our vitamin D this summer – by getting sun on our skin without sunscreen!  Just make sure you don’t burn.  Any  little bit of sunshine will help, and your body will store the vitamin D it makes in the summer for several months.  It also feels wonderful!… Read more »