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Summer Skin

6 Tips for Your Healthiest Summer Skin Ever

Keeping skin healthy and youthful looking is the desire that’s launched thousands of skin and so-called beauty products. But if you really want skin to glow this summer and beyond, skip the chemical-laden, endocrine-disrupting lotions and potions and instead focus on putting nature’s bounty to work for you. Eating fresh, wholesome foods will not only help you get the radiant skin you’re after this summer, but also provide many other health benefits—you’d be crazy not to indulge! All those nutrient-rich foods will help enhance your skin’s appearance, boost its wrinkle-fighting ability, and protect against skin cancer. Summer is coming—here’s how to get your skin ready for it now:

Best Green Drinks Ever

Interview With Health Coach Katrine van Wyk About Her New Book: “Best Green Drinks Ever”

DR L: Why did you write a book about green drinks? KVW: It’s no secret anymore that leafy greens are incredibly good for us. However – most of us don’t eat enough of them! Adding greens to juices and smoothies is such an easy way to sneak in a few more servings of greens everyday. I think a lot of people love the idea of this, but are confused about where to start and how to do it. I also wanted to offer people a bunch of recipes that were not only healthy, but also totally delicious! I set about to make a book whose main purpose was to prove to people that these green drinks can be flavorful, fun and yummy. It’s not just liquidized kale. Promise!