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Tap Water

Regular Tap Water Can Damage Your Skin Over Time

A number of studies have shown us that our tap water can be contaminated with chemicals. What are these chemicals doing to your skin? You splash it on to rinse your face, but you also spend hours a week showering and bathing in it. Over a period of years, your skin could be exposed to a lot of chemicals simply because you wash regularly. Is there a way to protect yourself, outside of investing a mint into distilled water? Fortunately, there is.

Tap Water

Tap This:
Why You Simply MUST Filter Your Water

Water is a life-sustaining fluid that’s essential to health, but can undermine it if you’re drinking straight out of the tap. The trouble is, drink tap or even spring water and you’ll likely be getting more than you bargained for – chlorine, fluorine compounds, Trihalomethanes (THMs), assorted hormones, pesticides and even trace amounts of prescription drugs. It can be a witches' brew of health-killing effluvia – but you can improve the odds. Here’s the low-down on water, and how to turn it back into the health drink nature intended: