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How To Make the Most of Late Summer Produce

As the summer season slowly comes to an end (booo!), the farmers markets are full of amazing produce (yay!). Take advantage of these flavor and nutrient packed foods while they last. They require only simple preparations – a simple tomato salad with lots of fresh basil, grilled zucchinis and bell peppers tossed in olive oil or a delicious and light ‘pasta’-like dish with noodles made of zucchini tossed in lots of freshly made pesto! If you’re feeling extra frisky – why not cook up a big batch of the tasty vegetables to freeze or can to enjoy later.

Oven Roasted Fish Fillets

From the Be Well Kitchen: Oven Roasted Fish Fillets with Tomatoes and Onions Recipe

Sadly, it’s becoming more difficult to eat fish these days. Despite being touted as a super healthy source of protein, fish is often exposed to many chemicals and toxins - not exactly what you want in your food! That’s why we love Vital Choice - our go-to supplier of wild caught, flash frozen uncontaminated fish that is delivered on ice, directly to your home. Each piece of fish is individually wrapped and frozen and can be thawed in the fridge in a few hours. Here’s an easy to prepare recipe I made the other night, it’s one of my favorite ways to cook fish.