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Zen at Work

Workplace Zen

We are all plugged up. Cell phones, blackberries, I-Pads, I-Pods and other electronic devices have erased the boundaries between work life and private life. At dinner we can switch from talking to our children about their day at school to answering an urgent message from a colleague in another time zone, to twittering about the awesome wine we’re drinking to skypeing with our boss whose away on a business trip. In the morning we immediately check one or all of our gadgets to make sure that even before we’ve had our first cup of green tea we feel a sense of urgency or dread that indicates that our workday has begun. It is now literally impossible to leave work at the office.

Disease Transformation

Disease Transformation

Over three decades ago, amidst a sea of healthy, young gay men whose consciousness and life-styles could be described as expansive, I celebrated a hard-earned freedom some people will never know. Then suddenly, many became very sick and started dying. I, too, became terminally ill. It wasn’t even called AIDS then, and HIV had yet to be discovered.