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Thrive by Ariana Huffington

Interview With Ariana Huffington About Her New Book Thrive

Q: In Thrive you talk about our need to redefine success beyond money and power to include well-being, wisdom, wonder and giving. And you open the book describing your collapse in 2007 from exhaustion leading to a broken cheekbone and a round of visits to doctors and hospitals for tests. Tell us about that experience and how it led to your wake-up call in terms of health and well-being.

Mother and Child

5 Ways to “Download” Wellbeing to Your Kids

The new science of human relationships and brain development -- affective neuroscience -- has revealed that children actually download their parents' ways of socially and emotionally relating. It's truly a copy/paste situation! Attuned interactions with you are as important as calories in building a healthy brain. Together with tending to this attachment-based brain development, here are 5 ways to download wellbeing to your kids:

Connect with Nature

6 Ways to Reconnect with Nature

When the weather starts to warm up, we inevitably feel it in our bones as well—our own personal thaw has begun and winter’s hibernation starts winding down and we start to feel more alive. But those indoor habits can be hard to break. How best to take advantage of the emergent nature that comes with spring instead of spending the day in front of the television? Throughout human history, we lived most closely to the land. It’s only in the recent centuries that we’ve barricaded ourselves in high rises and giant track homes doing our best to keep nature out as if it wasn’t an inherent part of who we really are.