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10 Foods You May Think Are Healthy, But Aren’t (Part 1)

When patients first visit my office, I always make it my business to find out not only about their health histories and lifestyle habits, but also what they eat. Fortunately, these days patients are more knowledgeable about nutrition than they were even 5 or 10 years ago, so that makes the job of turning their health around a bit easier. However, many people still have some rather retro ideas about what’s a health food and what’s not, so I and my Be Well nutrition team often have to engage in some re-education, to guide patients on their journey to sustainable and optimal health.

Talk with Trudie Styler at ABC about Gluten

A couple of weeks ago I did a talk with the amazing Trudie Styler at ABC Carpet and Home. We talked about a wide variety of topics including organic farming, the environment, philanthropy, aging and of course, my passion at the moment...modern wheat, or what we are calling wheat but is actually more goatgrass. This segment is all about the problems with modern wheat.