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How to Infuse Mindfulness in Your Workouts

We all know the importance of getting to the gym and working out. Is showing up really 80 percent of the challenge? If so, why do so many people show up to their workouts but have not gotten closer to their personal fitness goals? Does your workout look something like this: you’re on your phone reading or sending messages, your face is tense, at times you forget to breathe and hold your breath, you are speeding through each exercise to get it over with as quickly as possible, you stop when the movement becomes challenging.

Rock Your Workout: Interval Training

Rock Your Workout: Interval Training

If you’re into living a healthy lifestyle, chances are you’ve probably heard some buzz about interval training. Does it warrant the hype? I’d say absolutely yes – and the time to start is now! Though the technique has been around for years, ‘til recently it was primarily used by elite athletes to help them increase fitness, while at the same time reduce overtraining and injury. As the practice has evolved, exercise physiologists have come to the conclusion that one doesn’t have to be a competitive athlete to reap the benefits of interval training – just about anyone can – which is great news for those of us who are short on time.