Talk with Trudie Styler at ABC about Gluten

A couple of weeks ago I did a talk with the amazing Trudie Styler at ABC Carpet and Home. We talked about a wide variety of  topics including organic farming, the environment, philanthropy, aging and of course, my passion at the moment…modern wheat, or what  we are calling wheat but is actually more goatgrass. This segment is all about the problems with modern wheat.

  • Matty

    Thank you for helping us better understand the harm eating genetically engineered wheat causes.  The addition of bromides to wheat was not mentioned, my understanding is that bromide is an antagonist to the thyroid, when eaten, this alters our thyroid function, and weight gain is one of numerous negative results.  Hopefully the more we learn about WHY wheat is harmful, the more likely folks will be to changing their addictive eating habits.  I substitute brown rice cakes, organic corn tortillas and eat Ezekial bread along with non-gluten crackers for snacks, Mary’s Gone crackers are my favorite. Please keep feeding us this health giving information.