Tennis Balls used for Tension Release

I was at Rancho La Puerta a few months ago and one day after a tennis ball release class with Nancy Parker, I took out my flip camera and asked her to share with us a great exercise. Here she shows us a quick tennis ball release to help undo that sitting or computer posture by releasing the hip flexors.

  • Hollyhaupt

    great work Nancy!! I prefer using not so hard balls so it doesn't hurt so much..
    after all
    Pain is NO Gain!!!
    love Holly Haupt
    Yoga, Massage, Visceral& Body Rolling Release Therapies
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  • tony guarisco

    Dangerous maneuver. Never ever create pain to release pain. No real understanding of fascia. So much accepted ignorance in the fitness industry. We need to stop allowing unprofessional advice and holding those promoting bad science to a legal standard. Dr. Lipman should take this off his site.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Tony,
    I’m sorry you feel this way. All advice on Dr.Lipman’s website is general advice and anyone with specific health concerns should off course consult with their physician before starting any treatment plan.
    The tennis ball exercise is intended for tension release and preventative care, not as a substitute for other treatment.
    Katrine – Be Well Health Coach

  • tony guarisco

    This woman is using a bad maneuver to release tension or anything else. She specifically used the term “iron out”. She does not know what she is talking about and and should not be endorsed on your site. I respect D.Lipman, but your due diligence is circumspect. What is this woman’s credentials?