The EarthRose Institute

The EarthRose Institute (ERI), a 501c3 organization, was founded in response to the growing need for disseminating information, providing education, and research collaboration on the environmental links to women’s and children’s health. Preventing exposures to toxic compounds in the home, workplace, food chain, and community are primary goals of ERI.

ERI works with women, communities, institutions, and other organizations, on advocacy and health policy issues related to environmental health on a local and global level. ERI is committed to being a bridge that brings scientific research and information to diverse communities.

The EarthRose Institute is dedicated to two spirited women named Rose. Each one was the mother of one of the founders, Susan Luck and Judy Lane. Each Rose was diagnosed with breast cancer with suspected environmental links. Their memory continues to inspire Susan and Judy to dedicate their efforts in the hope of creating an environmentally safer world.

Some of the programs offered by ERI include:

  • Environmental and Nutritional Influences on Women’s Health
  • Women’s Health, Hormones and the Environment
  • Healthy Aging for Women
  • Breast Cancer and the Environment
  • Environmental Influences on Thyroid Function
  • Environmental Estrogens, Breast Health and Nutrition
  • Genetics, Environmental Health and Detoxification
  • Environmental and Nutritional Influences on Fertility
  • How to Stay Healthy in a Toxic World
  • Childhood Immunity and Environmental Challenges

I am proud to be on their advisory board and recommend you check them out their most recent Summer 2009 newsletter covers some great topics like:

  • Environmental Exposures and the Global Obesity Epidemic
  • Chemicals and our Endocrine System
  • Environmental Exposures and the Global Obesity Epidemic
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