The Real Meaning of Halloween

Real Meaning Of Halloween

Halloween to most of us means candy, costumes and trick-or- treating. For New Yorkers it means one of the biggest parades of the year – hundreds of thousands of people congregate in Greenwich Village in elaborate costumes. You can even see it on national television.

Hallows or Hallomas started out as a festival to honor the Crone, -the wise grandmother. Over the years it has been transformed into wicked old witches flying on broomsticks with black cats. Even the cauldron has changed meaning as it represented the womb of the Goddess -a symbol of rebirth. Did you know that the idea of going from door to door to ask for candy and sweets actually comes from a British custom of asking for money for the poor?

When the Christian Church took over the holiday they renamed it Halloween (hallowed eve) The Celtic name is Samhain -summers end – and is the beginning of the Celtic New Year.  Hallowed means holy and this is a sacred time for honoring our ancestors.  For many cultures this is a time when the ancestors return to visit and communicate with the living. In Latin America, El Dia del las Muertes is celebrated at the cemetery. Families sweep the graves, bring food, create altars and celebrate the ancestors. In Ireland, people believe that the fairy people come out on this special night as the veil is lifted. Christians all over the world celebrate All Souls Day and All Saints Day (November 1 and 2).

In the true spirit of Halloween, let us take some time to honor our ancestors and to share their gifts with our children. Make this Halloween a time to honor our elders- send them a card, take them out to dinner or just say,” I love you”. Collect money, toys and food and give it to those who are more unfortunate as we count our blessings.


  • Kkovacs

    Correction: Dia de los muertos

  • Hectorpuente09

    Are you serious Ms or Mrs Biziou, Wow do a bit more homework hum you said “When the Christian Church took over the holiday they renamed it Halloween (hallowed eve) The Celtic name is Samhain -summers end – and is the beginning of the Celtic New Year” ….. ok be a little more specific when you say the Christian Church took over .. hum thats more like the Roman Catholic Church key word “Roman Catholic” worship of the virgin Marry also made into an idol, and last time i remember there was a man by the name of Martin Luther that separated from the catholic church who was guided by our Lord Jesus Christ because of all the wrong doings like accepting halloween. So Ms or Mrs Biziou be a real ” Teacher” and teach the hole story. Thank you and have a wonderful day. 

  • Starlight

    ………… the christian chirch? hllo? i have never hearrd a more bizarre note its true we should honor our ancestors but the true meaning of halloween is about how it was to celebrate Sstan we are supossed to spread that halloween is bad and that halloween is just to celebrate satan who is bad We are supposed to spread the gospel not go tell our ancestors halloween is bad

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    u go person

  • Duncandorsha

    yeah, i enjoyed this article but i dnt understand how come its millions of meanings about halloween and majority was negative and the other was good sort of like wats the real meaning of it……….. the world will never knw will we.

  • tinymcmanus

    it is accually about mexico walking dead thioery and how there was ghost that people saw and how the wicthes had a holiday called hallows eve and they would cast spells and they see ghost and halloween is the time for the ghost and other scary monsters to be free to roam the world once more…

  • tigi foreman

    wow I didn’t know that Halloween was just all about that

  • Vonnie Mic

    Learn to spell!!!

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  • realtruth

    False article. It celebrates the dead not the living. Druids began the the practice first before the Roman Catholic Church merged it in efforts to call all things christian. This is not a holiday Christians should celebrate. Nice spin though trying to make it positive. It is not.

  • chester_babe

    There are a lot of different ideas, one is that people dressed up to ward off evil spirits they went house to house to keep everyone safe. Where people would invite in the dressed up guests and they would have “treats” And all though it is a hallowed evening its believed that the veil between the living and dead becomes thinned where those who know how can cross over.

  • K

    There is a difference between the Catholic Church and the Christian Church. Please correct this article. The Roman Catholic Church moved their All Saints Day to coincide with Sahmain…NOT the Christian Church. Though some catholics are Christians, they are not the same thing. Please do not group all Christians together.

  • branden

    did you know back then they would nock on doors and ask for money

  • branden

    did you know back then they would nock on doors and ask for money