The Story of Bottled Water

The Story of Bottled Water, released 2 years ago on March 22, 2010 (World Water Day) employs the Story of Stuff style to tell the story of manufactured demand—how you get Americans to buy more than half a billion bottles of water every week when it already flows from the tap. Over five minutes, the film explores the bottled water industry’s attacks on tap water and its use of seductive, environmental-themed advertising to cover up the mountains of plastic waste it produces. The film concludes with a call to take back the tap, not only by making a personal commitment to avoid bottled water, but by supporting investments in clean, available tap water for all.

  • Museum of Litter

    EXCELLENT video. Will be proud to share this.

  • Cherie A Brooks

    Sent this to my kids, posted on FB.  Great, well done, clear message here.  About time.

  • Bfarish


  • Greg

    Totally disagree. That film is so wrong I don’t know where to start.
    First, I am not addicted to stuff, doesn’t apply to me.
    Second, I am just a human being living and working in a city who occasionally gets thirsty; and what comes out of my kitchen sink faucet is REPULSIVE. The chlorine smell reminds me swimming in a pool or doing laundry with bleach. Can’t get myself to drink it.
    That is the reality and the real problem. It is not a manufactured need. 
    Third, only a fool doesn’t know the difference between spring water and bottled water.
    And Cleveland must have excellent tap water because that spring water from Fiji is excellent.
    Very disappointed with the stance being taken here.
    If the average city water wasn’t so repulsive I wouldn’t need to seek out spring water; it’s that simple.

  • Buckeyern_babs

    So true!  we need to reduce our carbon footprint; we can filter our tap water and it’s great!  I recenty surprised some of my ‘bottle drinking’ friends with this revelation!!