The 8 Most Fascinating Articles of 2015

In the world of medicine, it’s been quite a year of outstanding studies and warnings. Here are the most popular articles on medicine, medications, chemicals, water and sleep from 2015.

  • Study rejuvenates hopes that vitamin C can treat some common cancers
  • What If Everything Your Doctors Told You About Breast Cancer Was Wrong?
  • The British Medical Journal has called for a new and independent review of statins, because it fears the drugs are linked to muscle pain, cataracts, liver dysfunction, diabetes, fatigue and memory loss.
  • The Grave Dangers of Statin Drugs—and the Surprising Benefits of Cholesterol
  • Neutrogena Is the Number One Sunscreen to Avoid, Says EWG
  • “Why Aren’t They Warning Women About It?” The Toxic Danger in Your Baby Powder. Scientific research ties talc powder to ovarian cancer. Now Johnson & Johnson is facing a slew of lawsuits.
  • Why America’s Deadly Love Affair with Bottled Water Has to Stop
  • Researchers say they’ve found a community that’s got sleep down to a science.
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