These Airports Are Making Your Travel Experience Healthier

One of the most challenging things about feeling healthy while traveling can be the actual travel experience itself. We sit sedentary for hours on airplanes, we get dehydrated from the air travel, we’re off our normal sleep schedule, we’re standing in lines and sitting in cramped seats, we’re surrounded by fast food, and our immune systems can take a toll. We all know that feeling of needing to recover from the travel when we arrive at our destination – usually airports aren’t the first place we think of to get a wellness boost! Luckily, though, airports throughout the US and abroad are starting to make it easier for us to have a healthy travel experience. I have a feeling wellness in airports will soon become much more commonplace, which means we’ll be able to enjoy traveling even more – and feel much better along the way!

These 5 airports are on the cutting edge of wellness travel:

San Francisco (SFO): It’s easy to stay healthy during your layover in San Francisco. They offer a reflection room for meditation (International Terminal, Main Hall), yoga rooms (Terminal 2 and 3), and there are 6 hydration stations throughout the airport to refill your water bottle! There’s even an outdoor garden patio you can sit on in Terminal 1. If you need a bite to eat, SFO offers lots of healthy options, including the Napa Farms Market, offering local, “farm to flight” food.
Baltimore/Washington International (BWI): BWI is the first airport to feature ROAM Fitness (located after the D/E security checkpoint), which is an in-airport fitness and wellness center where you can rent workout clothes, workout at the gym, and shower in a private shower room without even having to unpack your bags! You can put your carry-ons inside the lockers, and get a good sweat in while you’re waiting for your flight. Amazing! ROAM is expanding to more locations soon – expect to see it in 20 more airports in the next few years.
Chicago O’Hare (CHI): Chicago’s airport offers a yoga room, a mother’s room for nursing moms, and an aeroponic garden where they grow herbs and greens, so you can enjoy a meal prepared with produce grown right next to you! Travelers coming through Chicago airport can also get access to the Hilton Health Club (located across from domestic terminals 1, 2 and 3) – with a gym, steam room, sauna, jacuzzi and lap pool. Sign me up for a layover there. 
Singapore Changi (SIN): Singapore airport is widely known as one of the best airports in the world, for good reason. They offer a rooftop pool and jacuzzi, and an abundance of different gardens in each terminal – including a cactus garden, a butterfly garden, a water lily garden, a sunflower garden, and an orchid garden. There are free rest areas in each terminal, along with spa, fitness and shower services. With all the nature surrounding you, you’ll forget you’re even at an airport!
Seoul Incheon (ICN): If you find yourself with a long layover at the Seoul Incheon airport, consider yourself lucky. You can take your pick of activity – they have a golf course, an ice skating rink, a sky garden with walking and cycling paths, and multiple spas. In addition, there are “rest and relaxation” lounges peppered throughout the airport, where you can take a comfortable nap and refresh between flights.
This list just scratches the surface of wellness offerings in airports, and I can’t wait to see what’s next! Tell me – what airport have you traveled through that made your travel experience feel healthier?

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