Tips to Break The Habit of Ordering Takeout

While ordering takeout is readily available and convenient, it is definitely not the best option for your health. Unfortunately it is a weakness for many who work late, don’t keep their refrigerator and pantry stocked, feel overwhelmed by the art of cooking, or just feel too lazy to cook daily. This habit makes unhealthy eating all too easy, as well as being expensive and not environmentally friendly. So, how can a busy, working person break this cycle? Simply put: Planning is key to success.
Here are a few tips to help you break the habit of ordering delivery and commit to a plan.

  1. Stock your refrigerator and pantry weekly.

Nowadays you can easily get groceries, produce, and all pantry staples delivered to your home (thank you Whole Foods and Amazon) – so not having “time” to shop is an excuse you can throw out. Make a plan to order your groceries weekly and fill your refrigerator with fresh foods so you are more likely to eat them.

  1. Plan for a one-day-a-week meal prep.

Carve out one day a week to do a big bulk meal prep. Roast veggies, chop salad ingredients, hard boil eggs, cook a whole chicken, and/or make a big crock-pot meal that combines vegetables and meat together. Having varieties of food already cooked in your refrigerator makes weekday meals at home much easier. Bonus – you can start packing lunch as well to save you more money!

  1. Order a meal-kit service.

If you feel uninspired or unsure of how to maneuver your kitchen, this is a great option. All ingredients come chopped and ready with easy to follow instructions. Although not the most environmentally friendly, these kits are a healthier option and a great starting place for those trying to embrace and explore their kitchen more.

  1. Cook too much, and use your freezer.

Instead of ordering in or buying pre-made frozen meals, triple your recipes and make extra to stock your freezer with! This saves you time and money, and ensures you are eating nutrient dense meals as you are in control of the ingredients. Soon your freezer will be stocked with all sorts of delicious meal varieties to satisfy any craving you may have.

  1. Find a cooking buddy.

Cooking with a friend is always more enjoyable! Commit to your one-day-a-week meal prep with a buddy and see if this helps keep you motivated. You can switch kitchens weekly, trade who is in charge of finding the recipes, split grocery costs, or even switch off who does the cooking each week. Having community around you and sharing the joy of cooking helps make it easier to stay on track with a new habit and lifestyle.

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