Crosby, Stills & Nash meet The Girl From Ipanema! This essential World Music release came about when three of Brazil’s most famous solo musicians decided, on a whim, to pool their talents to produce a one-off album. This Brazilian “super group” features singer and producer Marisa Monte, percussionist Carlinhos Brown, and former Titas member Arnaldo Antunes.

These three artists decided to call both their group, and their debut album, Tribalistas. The success of this album has been phenomenal, it has already sold over three million copies in Brazil and won a Latin Grammy.

Having conquered fans in their home country, Tribalistas have now begun to win over European World Music devotees in countries like France, Italy, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. Singles from the album are featuring strongly on national charts, making Tribalistas the most successful Brazilian music act in Europe in the past two decades. The “Tribalistas” album mixes Arnaldo Antunes’ vocals, Marisa Monte’s guitar, and Carlinhos Brown’s skills on the piano, bass, and vocals into a gorgeous and laid back collection of gentle ballads, soft lullabies and lovely harmonies. All the song lyrics on “Tribalistas” are in Portuguese, and include two Brazilian number one hit singles, the smash hit “Ja Sei Namorar,” and its follow-up, “Velha Infancia.”

The album also features the beautiful opening track, “Carnavalia,” the gentle Christmas song, “Mary Cristo,” and the upbeat “Passe em Casa,” which was co-written with Bahian superstar Margareth Menezes, and became the album’s third Brazilian Top 40 chart hit. Uncut magazine recently described “Tribalistas” as “A cross between Crosby, Stills & Nash and “The Girl From Ipanema.” That’s a very accurate description, as more and more international music fans are discovering. “Tribalistas” is a classic World Music album, filled with joyful and beautiful music.