Urban Farming & EcoNutrition

Two Current EarthRose Institute Programs.

Urban Farming: Opportunities for High Risk Youth

From a holistic perspective, it is not possible to separate what we eat and the degradation of our environment. Food choices are inextricably tied to the burden on the planet through the commercial meat and dairy industry, agricultural and chemical industry, and the fuel needed to transport these products to market.

Earthrose Institute has created a Green Career Center as a new Initiative to involve young people in planting urban gardens, beginning in the Miami inner city neighborhoods where people have little access to fresh fruits and vegetables. This is particularly ironic since they live in a tropical paradise.

By creating community gardens, and working with local schools and health centers, ERI provides the opportunity to create nutrition education programs. Through the discovery of “real” food, we encourage individuals to reconnect to nature while understanding the environmental impact of local food, and the economic and health benefits this provides. Many of the students in our programs come from cultures where they can still recall their grandparents farms and are able to reconnect to their own roots.

Currently, Earthrose has been developing a project through the Job Corps Miami Center, with 350 students. A program through the Department of Labor, the Job Corps offers a high school education and a trade for high risk youth. Earthrose is creating a model program to potentially be implemented in some of their 122 Job Corps Centers nationally. These gardens and greenhouses also provide “green job training”. Students learning organic gardening as well as food preparation for their Culinary Arts trade program. The gardens will also have fresh produce available in their school cafeteria.

Most importantly, eighty percent of the youth on campus are overweight or obese, and already have multiple health risk factors and problems Many have never eaten fresh vegetables. Working with the Medical Director and the staff, this program connects young people to the earth while teaching them a trade and, supports their health and well being… and their future.

EcoNutrition: Environmental and Nutritional Influences on Women’s Health

Earthrose Institute and it’s faculty have created environmental education programs in diverse communities through women’s organizations, community centers, and health clinics.

The research is clear that multiple exposures to chemicals, beginning in uteri, affect the health of children and women throughout their lifetime. This program focuses on the current breast cancer epidemic and integrates a prevention approach, not offered to the public. Unfortunately, women are told to receive a mammogram annually and await diagnosis as there is”nothing they can do” to prevent breast cancer.

Earthrose Institute and our faculty, believe that by offering cutting edge research and information to those who do not ordinarily have access to this information, and by empowering individuals and communities to be pro active and make healthier choices, they can impact their health and quality of life.

Weaving the benefits of a healthy diet, and by using phytonutrients , natural chemicals in nature in fresh fruits vegetables and herbs, and by eliminating toxic chemicals put into foods, personal care products, and home and work environments, individuals can support their health and better protect themselves from the multitude of chemical exposures, by lowering the “toxic body burden”.

This program empowers participants to become community environmental educators and share this information with families, neighbors, and impact local health and advocate for healthy communities.

This program, is also offered to nurses and other health care providers nationally.

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