Vaccines – It’s Not Just Autism

About 8 years ago, the concern that “Mercury Causes Autism” was front page news. Everyone was talking about it, writing about it, defending it, refuting it. There were meetings with state legislators to change laws about mercury in vaccines. I was one of the lone voices standing against the avalanche shouting, “It’s …not… just… the.. mercury!” (hear the canyon echo).

By 2004, when most of the mercury was out of most vaccines (it’s still in flu shots given to babies, starting at 6 months of age and every year for life), and the rate of autism continued to rise, the Mercury Campaigns started to slow down and campaigners started to scratch their collective heads. Yes the pervasive brain injury seen in autistic children was related to the large amount of mercury in the vaccines. But without the mercury out, why was the rate of autism continuing to climb? Maybe it’s the aluminum? Yes! That’s it! Aluminum is causing autism! ..and that campaign began.

Truth is, it is all of it. 40 doses of 16 different vaccines by 5 years of age, most before 1 year of age, cannot be harmless. Shots contain measurable and significant amounts of 63 different chemicals, viruses, bacterial cell walls, animal DNA and stealth viruses that can alter the injected person’s DNA. Can that keep you healthy? What does that do to the delicate and rapidly developing immune system of an infant?

Now, the latest is ‘VACCINES CAUSE AUTISM.” No surprise, really, but the Press Conference held on May 10, revealed the Courts and the Government have had knowledge of the connection and a true coverup has been going on for decades. A monumental investigation should be demanded by everyone on all levels. And heads should roll.

The day will come when parents will be informed enough about health, they will be more concerned about the possible consequences of getting vaccines then they will be about their child possibly getting a transient infection. With only a cursory examination of the ingredients in the shots, by simply reading the package inserts, parents will refuse to have these solutions injected into their children — or into themselves. They won’t expect a shot to keep their kids from getting sick. Health is easy, really. Avoid refined food, exercise, drink clean water, get plenty of sleep, be sure to have adequate nutrients and vitamin D.

Bottom line: Vaccines can make you sick for a lifetime. Even if you “believe in vaccines” (such a silly phrase), is getting vaccinated to try to avoid short term “vaccine preventable disease” worth the potential trade off?

  • erk

    I'm sure you will be interested to know that the scientific evidence does not support your assertion that vaccines cause autism.  Could you please point to an explanation or provide some evidence of your statement that, “the Courts and the Government have had knowledge of the connection and a true coverup has been going on for decades.”

  • shashi

    Yes! Doctors and Big Pharma have been conspiring for *decades* to maim our children. That must be it! And Vitamin D and healthy living can't keep Whooping Cough and Measles away. C'mon now.

  • shashi

    And the one piece of evidence – the link to a “press conference” – is a dead one.

  • Alyssa Mccutcheon

    No one has been able to reproduce the study that vaccines cause autism- that's pretty sketchy. I think there are other things involved in the rise of autism (more diagnosis criteria and better awareness could be the biggest reason). 

    What do you think about a delayed schedule, so you're not pumping all of that in at once and actually give their bodies time to get rid of the toxins and not overload it?

    I have to say I'd be pretty pissed if I was pregnant and someone didn't vaccinate their kid, then their kid got rubella, and was in contact with me and then my kid went deaf. Even if a child was sick and came into contact with an old sick person, it's bad news.

    Obviously there are other alternative to immunity that we could figure out, but we really rely on pack immunity! And we've shut down pediatric wards in hospitals, really! There are barely ever any young children in the hospitals anymore- so much less childhood death and illness. You can't argue that its that much worse when less children are dying!

  • aott

    I'm really disappointed to see such a poorly supported argument on this site. It makes me question the value of other posts I see here too.

  • guest

    To all of the people below, this is not a legal document. 
    Dr. Lipman is posting a blog with general information.
     If you want to educate your self before you dispute his claims you can find thousands of stories online about cover-ups and fraud relating to drug companies knowingly poisoning your children. It is not so crazy to imagine this is possible. It's called money and it motivates humans to do terrible things.Educate yourselves.

  • Chrislnick

    I have been very interested in everything on this blog until this.  Like Aott, I now wonder about the the quality of the information on the rest of this site.

  • actuallyknowssomescience

    Vaccines DO NOT cause autism. This is well established, and I am confused how one makes money preying on parents by continuing to lie about a link.

    Brian Deer did an excellent job of explaining in the scientific publication, Journal of Molecular Biology:

  • Blondiea304

    I dont know why those of you who choose to vaccinate your children are so concerned about those of us who choose not to vaccinate ours. Your children are supposedly safe, since they have been vaccinated. So please let everyone choose what they think is best for their child. Last time I checked it was a free country.

  • Rosemary

    Excellent point! I can say for myself that my nephew was born perfect in every way but at age 3 months after a vaccination.. he developed all kinds of problems. When side effects happen to the families and children you know and love it then will then make you question the effectiveness and safeness of vaccines.
    The autism spectrum diagnosis in children is becoming an epidemic in this country. When I was in college in the late 70s studying for a degree in child development, staff was hard pressed to find children with autism to observe. Now 30 years later 1 in 50 children will be diagnosed. There is one common denominator…and I believe it’s vaccinations .