Walk Into Your Day

What does it mean to be connected to your body, to be able to listen to it at a visceral level and how does that happen? In my experience feeling into your body is a matter of intention. When I awaken I set the stage for my day by awakening my body through movement. Although I have done years of yoga and still do, most mornings I begin my day by going for a long walk in the mountains or on the streets of my neighborhood. I gather my two small dogs on leashes or without if we are hiking in the hills and I set out with an awareness of how I feel by connecting to my breath.

First of all I ask myself am I breathing? Am I taking oxygen into my lungs and letting it move into my muscles tendons and cells? I do this by visualizing the process. In my minds eye I see air as light that is making a slow journey through me to light up all of me: neurons to ligaments to organs. I do not say this as some woo woo new age crap I say it because visualizing light inside the body is a powerful intention and way to ignite your body into a better consciousness of health and a stronger metabolism. I put all my focus on what I am doing, my stride arms swinging, listening to my breath, the sounds of an awakening neighborhood or the sounds of bushes rattled by small rodents running from predators or searching for food.

Birds are always your signals that nature is alive. Their screeches and calls to one another are a reminder that wildlife is radar into the heart of humanity. Without it we can’t feel ourselves. It is a canvas for us to feel how we are connected to the earth. I am as silent as I can be tuning into the intricate world around me inside of me and beyond me. I walk tall, (okay I am tall but not everyone who is tall looks happy about it); I walk with the intention that I am going somewhere. I look up, not down at the ground and I pay attention to whether or not my ankles are crashing inwards as I step. It reveals a lack of self-esteem that I have struggled with in the past, so I am aware of it and my need for more acceptance of myself. I hold my body tall, light, eyes ahead and feet solidly planting themselves in rhythm with my breath. This is how I wake up. This is how I literally walk into my day. I consciously have the intention that my walk guides me into my daily routines or unexpected surprises and demands of work with the awareness of not only my body but every aspect of me.

I feel the gratitude of the extremely wonderful life I have that is always rich with new possibility. It feels that my walking has the ability to stretch time and give me more of myself. This is called self-love. I highly recommend that you walk into your life with gratitude and awareness of who you are through the simplicity of moving in your body.

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