Welcome to Dr. Frank Lipman MD

Welcome to Frank Lipman MD
Healthy insights and tools for real life

Dr. Frank Lipman MD is an innovative and unique health-style website. While the focus of the site is to educate and provide you with new, easy and effective ways to stay healthy, the articles are not limited to traditional ideas of what constitutes health. Of course, I believe that everyone needs to eat well and exercise, but I also believe that health comes from having a dynamic and fulfilling life.

You’ll find fresh and helpful information on new approaches for identifying and taking the right nutritional supplements, healthy recipes, yoga postures and exercise tips. You will also read about exciting subjects that will inspire you to address other kinds of health concerns, including environmental issues and what you can do about them, rituals for different occasions or seasons, altruism and activism. My interviews with fascinating people cover a wide range of topics from spirituality to popular music.

As I am a world music freak, there are also current reviews of some of my favorite world music CDs and DVDs on the site, which may introduce you to some exceptional artists. There is a lot to offer at Dr. Frank Lipman MD, so please stay, read, learn and enjoy!

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