Be Well Living with Suzanne Hall

Suzanne Hall lives the clean life. She is, after all, the editor in chief of The Chalkboard Mag, the ultimate guide to living well. While she may give in to a guilty pleasure, she’s firm on real foods, meditation, and daily hydration. We sit down with Hall to talk life in the clean lane.  

Wellness Inspiration: I’m sort of a rebel with a cause, so I love anyone who is breaking out of the box. Especially when that conventional “health” box includes four walls worth of problems. I’ll just mention a few people we’ve talked about recently on the site: our current guest editor, Dave Asprey—I love everything about the concept of bio-hacking; Robyn O’Brien, who is challenging corporate food to clean up their act; and Gregg Renfrew of Beautycounter, for pushing for new legislation on personal care ingredients.

Health Passion: Personal responsibility—the freedom and empowerment that comes with educating and equipping oneself. I love the topics of Chinese medicine, healing with natural foods, and all the greens—green juice included.

Guilty Pleasure: Coffee. Champagne. Cake. We had a nutritionist on our team at one point who confessed to kale chips as her guilty pleasure. That’s not me. I’ll definitely splurge on something decadent from time to time, but it better be “real” food, made of whole, natural, clean ingredients!

Relax & Chill Out: I meditate, journal—and sleep! When I’m frantic or running myself too hard on a given day, it’s hard to believe that sitting down and meditating for a few minutes is going to change anything. The work is in suspending belief for that first moment and just committing to it. Once I spend a little time in meditation, I feel the physical and emotional shift, and it’s always worth it.

Morning Start: Hydrating. Whether it’s with lemon water or pink salt water, there’s nothing more important to a daily wellness routine. After at least two large glasses of warm water (usually with lemon, vitamin C powder, or green powder for an alkalizing boost), I make a superfood coffee before getting to work. The recipe varies day to day but usually includes protein powder, coconut butter, a variety of medicinal herbs, tocos, cacao powder, and cinnamon.

Exercise of Choice: I love a good flow class. Hot yoga, too. I also love running intervals to the ocean and back in my neighborhood with a good podcast.  

Must-Have Beauty Products: I see a lot of natural products, so I’m always tempted out of my routine and into new brand releases. A few products that are always in rotation include One Love Organics vitamin B cleanser, Klorane Dry Shampoo, RMS highlighter, W3LL People sheer foundation stick, Ilia lipstick, and Kimiko brow liner.

Sleep Routine: Thankfully, I’ve never had trouble sleeping, but the idea of a firm bedtime gives me anxiety. If it’s getting late and I’m not yet in bed, I’ll do some light yoga or meditation to get myself headed in the right direction.

Daily Supplements: I drink at least two beverages a day—usually a coffee, tonic, or smoothie—with a number of medicinal herbs, adaptogens, and probiotics in them. Always a probiotic, plenty of B vitamins, and vitamin C. Lately, I’ve been loving L-theanine.

Travel Carry-ons: A sheer overnight facial mask, if the flight is long. I can’t tell you how many friends I’ve turned on to this! I love the moisture mask by Tata Harper—it keeps my skin from freaking out in the dry, low-quality air. Essential oils with immune benefits; I love Sinus Remedy by H. Gillerman Organics. Individual protein powder packs and vitamin C packs—a protein powder pack in a cup of coffee is a good meal replacement in a bind.

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