Be Well Success Story: “I wish I had done this for myself sooner”

By Tammy Green, as told to Katrine van Wyk

I’ve been a self-professed health nut for most of my life. I practiced ballet for years and then turned to running, and I was a vegetarian for a long time. The problem? Even though I was eating my vegetables and staying very active, I wasn’t feeling great! My weight was creeping up despite all of my efforts, and I wasn’t sleeping well. My mood was also swinging up and down throughout the day, and I developed digestive issues.

I went to several doctors to ask about why I was so tired, and I was told it was just my age and stress. One doctor even told me to “drink more wine.” Because these doctors chalked it up to stress, I would endure periods where I would try to ignore it, block it out, or just pretend it was not happening.

Before the Be Well Cleanse, I really thought I knew everything there was to know about health, but the Cleanse opened my eyes to what’s really possible. Gosh — I wish I had done this for myself sooner! Although I did personal health research for years, it took finding Dr. Lipman’s books and website to begin to craft a better diet for myself and start the healing process.

I did two rounds of the Be Well Cleanse (so, 28 days total), and I took my cleanse seriously! I added in nightly detox baths, made my own almond milk, and even did a few enemas. I also added in some clean meat like organic chicken and organic turkey as well as wild fish — and added in bone broth too!

After the 28 days, it was hard to even believe the world of difference I felt. My digestive issues vanished. I didn’t experience any inflammation anymore, and I’ve just noticed such a newfound clarity. The brain fog that plagued me was gone!

Maybe best of all? I am sleeping through the night — a miracle on its own! My tired raccoon eyes are gone, and I wake up rested and refreshed in the morning. I went from the last one up in the house to the first one up. Because I am no longer crabby in the morning — or fighting to stay awake all day — I am more productive and happier, which obviously affects my family.

Also, I used to suffer from hay fever, and now I can breathe better. And I have a ridiculous amount of energy.

I am so excited to see what happens next. Right now, I am slowly going through the re-introduction phase and adding back restricted foods. To my surprise, I discovered that strawberries were an issue for me. I never knew! What I do know is that I am so done with caffeine and will not even try adding that back.

Currently, I take the Be Well Daily Dose every day to cover my basic needs. I want to keep feeling this good for the rest of my life. I am loving the present and just cannot wait to see how I feel in a few months. I am also excited to do another Cleanse in a year or so.

Of course, I’m telling everyone I know how fantastic the Be Well Cleanse is, and I even think I’ve got my not-so-healthy husband willing to try it based on the health changes he’s seen in me.

Thank you so much to the whole Be Well team — you’ve all been a fantastic support!

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