The Be Well Wellness Essentials Holiday Gift Guide

‘Tis the season for gift giving, but what do you get for the health and wellness enthusiast that seems to stray from the typical tinsel and stocking stuffers? Thankfully we have a whole team of wellness gurus to to ask what’s on their wish lists this holiday season. We’ve rounded up all our health coach wellness essentials into our Be Well holiday gift guide…shop now!

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

A diffuser can be used for a variety of benefits. Keep one in your office to boost mood and productivity with peppermint or jasmine essential oils. In your bedroom, reduce stress and sleep better with lavender. Learn More, here.
– Dawn, Be Well Health Coach

Veggie Spiralizer 

Sometimes adding veggies to things can be tough. Since I bought a spiralizer though, I find myself wanting to make more salads and substituting things like pasta with zucchini or sweet potato noodles! Learn more, here.
– Micaela, Social Media and Creative

Sprouting Jar Kit

I love growing things! Sprouting gives you the opportunity to grow something without outdoor space and you can grow them through the winter too. Sprouting beans, grains, nuts and seeds also increases the nutrient value and helps with digestion. Learn more, here.
– Dawn, Be Well Health Coach

Mountain Rose Herbs Essential Oils

Essential oils are not only a wonderful substitute for toxic perfumes, but are full of therapeutic benefit depending on the plant for both internal and external usage. Invest in quality, organic essential oils and stock an all-natural wellness apothecary. Make sure you read up on drug interactions, etc. Learn more, here.
– Alle, Editorial and Content

Yoga Meditation Pillow

Want your family and friends to incorporate a regular meditation practice into their life? Invest in their wellbeing by helping them create their own peaceful meditation corner, which starts with the perfect pillow. Learn more, here.
– Katie, Be Well Health Coach

Drunk Elephant 

For the health nut trying to make the switch to non-toxic beauty, try Drunk Elephant. You won’t go back. Learn more, here.
– Amanda, Be Well Health Coach

Cast Iron Skillet

Everyone needs a good iron skillet – if cared for properly, they are the one tool every cook needs that will last a lifetime. Some of the newer pans have harmful chemicals in the non-stick surfaces. Learn more, here.
– Michaela, Social Media and Creative

Aero Garden

Zero time and no outdoor space are no match for this set and forget kitchen counter garden. It’s the easiest garden you will ever maintain and the perfect solution to helping one add fresh herbs and greens into their daily diets. Learn more, here.
– Alle, Editorial and Content

Thrive Market Membership

Have a healthy foodie friend who loves grocery shopping, spends a lot on their nut butters and organic snacks, but could use some savings without sacrificing quality?  Get them their first year-long membership to Thrive Market!  It’s only $60 membership for the year, and for each new member, Thrive donates a membership to a family in need. Learn more, here.
– Anne, Be Well Health Coach

Wireless Earphones

My workout isn’t complete without music. The Airpods do a good job staying in my ear and I love that the carrying case charges the headphones when I’m not using them. Learn more, here.
– Andrew, Growth and Business Development

Glass Tupperware

In an effort to remove as many harmful toxins from my life and home, I recently ditched all plastic containers and utensils in my kitchen. These toxin-free glass containers have been a game changer for food storage, meal prep, and packing lunch. Gift these to family and friends to help them transform their kitchen to a more eco-friendly and clean living environment. Learn more, here.
– Katie, Be Well Health Coach

100% Pure Cosmetics

For someone who enjoys wearing make-up, but needs non-toxic beauty supplies that truly work, I love 100% Pure Cosmetics. They are organic, using recognizable plant ingredients, smell and feel amazing, and have great reviews on Think Dirty (toxicity rating app). Get a gorgeous glow without the toxins. Learn more, here.
– Anne, Be Well Health Coach

Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

This pressure cooker has made eating well during a busy work week so much easier!  I use it to prepare all types of veggies and meats, along with warming soups and stews. It can also be used to make delicious homemade bone broth – one of my winter staples. If you are someone who eats beans and grains, when using a pressure cooker, the lectins are more efficiently broken down, making these foods easier to digest and more nutritious for your body. Learn more, here.
– Amanda, Be Well Health Coach

Pour Over Coffee Brewer

I take my morning routine pretty seriously, and find if my utensils, gadgets, etc., are pretty enough to leave out on my counter, I will be more inclined to use them/keep up with my healthy routine. This glass pour over pot makes a delicious brew and comes with a stainless steel filter that helps me leave  a more sustainable footprint. Perfect for all those “bullet-proof” fanatics too! Learn more, here.
– Alle, Editorial and Content

Cocokind Skin Care

This line of products has quickly become one of my favorites for a few reasons…all of the ingredients are not only safe and non-toxic, but also ingredients we eat, very reasonably priced, and effective!  I not only use a few of these products myself, but have gifted them many, many times. The Chlorophyll Face Mask is one of my favorites. I mix this powder with some aloe juice, and apply a few times per week. It is as green as green can get!  And it leaves my face feeling purified and energized. Learn more, here.
– Amanda, Be Well Health Coach

Be Well Health Coaching Session

Why not give the gift of health, and support your loved one through their wellness journey. A one-on-one session with a Be Well health coach can help them set and keep their goals while tailoring a program as unique as they are.  Learn more, here.
– The Be Well Team


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