Wellness Tips to Keep The Summer Partying in Check

Ah Summer. The days get longer, the nights get later, the parties get bigger. At Be Well, are all about the balance. We want you to enjoy the mezcal and seltzer but we also want you to eat your greens and prioritize rest. To help you continue feeling your best all the way to the end of the season (and beyond) we have compiled our best tried and tested tools below. You’re welcome!

  • Choose your beverages wisely

There is a hierarchy when it comes to alcohol. Darker spirits not only contain higher amounts of sugar, but research also suggests that the main flavor compound known as congeners are more prevalent. These exact compounds are the culprit for nasty hangovers. Beer and wine commonly contain yeast, tannins and sulfates, which can contribute to inflammation and a hefty hang over. We suggest cleaner, clear spirits such as tequila, vodka or gin as your beverage go-to. Couple with seltzer and a squeeze of fresh lime or lemon for hydration and a little perk for the liver. Mezcal is the most pure spirit in terms of ingredients and craftsmanship.

  • Stick to routine where possible

Keep routine both in your food intake and in your daily habits. If you wake up early and meditate most days – there is no reason why that should fall away during the summer months. It’s important to maintain your non-negotiables to keep you grounded and on track.

  • Plan wisely

If you know you have a late night of partying on the agenda, prepare yourself in advance for the aftermath. Make sure you stock your kitchen with some go-to healthy and easy food options. Soothing a hang-over with greasy and convenient comfort food is not recommended. Instead, focus on restoring hydration and filling up on nutrient-dense, clean meals. Think roasted sweet potatoes with avocado and a clean protein.

  • Pick your battles

Summer is all about being social but partying every night of the week is a sure way to wreak havoc on your hormones, digestion and general wellbeing. Learn to be able to say “no” when you need to. Yes – life is beautiful when it’s not so planned out but it’s a good to have an idea of what you will be attending and what you will choose to let slide. With a busy schedule, it’s important to take conscious time-out to rest and recover. Spend some time alone amidst the chaos and keep track of your goals and direction so you can step into the Fall with clarity and a sense of achievement.

  • Spend time outdoors

The sun is shining, the nights are balmy – it’s the perfect time to get outside and soak up all the goodness that is naturally occurring in this warm and vibrant climate. Take off your shoes and plug your feet into the bare ground. Over a decade of scientific research suggests that connecting to the earth in this way reduces stress and inflammation and improves circulation. If you are in a city – get to your local park or if you are lucky to be by the beach or in the mountains, take off your shoes and take a slow, intentional walk.

  • Move your body

The summer is even more reason to get moving, there are plenty of opportunities that present themselves in these warmer months that encourage a change in the way you can experience exercise, we suggest you take full advantage. Outdoor hiking, ocean swimming, beach volleyball, tennis, kayaking, surfing and many more. Connect with what is happening in your local area and meet new people in the process.

  • Stay present

Blink and all the fun is over! Our advice? Soak up the parties, the late nights and the indulgent food that comes with the buzz of Summer. Remind yourself that it is not forever. If you can stick to these tried and tested tips, you will get the most out of the season and maintain your health and wellbeing in the process. What more could you ask for?!

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