5 Spring Allergy Tips

This spring has been a sneeze-fest for allergy sufferers, and it’s not over yet. If allergy symptoms are slowing you down, try these easy tips to reduce the burden of pollen, dust and mold:

1. Nasal Cleansing

Every morning, use a neti pot filled with a pure saline solution to rinse your nasal and sinus passages. This ancient ayurvedic treatment can be a real lifesaver during for congestion.

2. Nettle Tea

Try sipping some nettle tea to relieve allergy symptoms: itchy eyes, stuffy nose, headache and coughing.

3. Raw Local Honey

Raw local honey can help fight colds, the flu and allergies too! Get some at your local farmer’s market. Make sure it is local honey otherwise it is not as effective.

4. Wash Up

Pollen gets all over your clothes, hair and shoes. Make sure to take your shoes off when you enter the house. Wash your clothes often during peak allergy season. Take a shower at night to remove all the pollen and dust that as accumulated during the day. And don’t forget to wash the sheets, too!

5. Cleanse

Doing a gentle cleanse can help to reduce your toxic burden, making you less vulnerable to the effect of seasonal allergies. If your body if full of toxins, when the pollen comes in spring, your cup overfloweth! Doing a cleanse can help support the liver so it’s better able to manage in the sneezy season.

If you need some extra help, try our all natural, non-drowsy, side-effect free Natural Allergy Support.

We hope these ideas will allow you to get outside, enjoy the weather and smell the roses!

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