What is Meditation?

Eckhart Tolle discusses meditation and the value of “being” present.

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  • I’m finally getting around to reading A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle this month after The Power of Now, Tolle is such a phenomenal teacher/inspiration.  This year our mantra at The Beauty Shortlist is “simple is beautiful” – there’s so much going on in the world, it’s sometimes hard to take it all in – overload alert!  (Not good for our bodies, minds or spirits).

    Sanity restorers/health boosters include meditation…stripping away the fluff, chaos, false friends, etc….exercise…eating whole foods that look the same as they came from nature (not transformed into some quick fix meal) and taking an intelligent supplement(s) are all good ways of staying sane in our mad world. And if you focus on the good, the bad becomes blurry. Dr Lipman’s book “Spent” is a must-read for anyone who’s tired/feeling burned out – I read it last year during a major work overload and have given it to friends, it’s the best “anti-fatigue” book I’ve come across. (It’s important to see a doctor, of course, to check in case thyroid levels, etc. are off…)