What Is The Be Well Cleanse?

As a Be Well Health Coach, I have witnessed amazing transformation in patients and customers using our Be Well Cleanse. This transformation happens for many reasons, but it seems to be the right combination of dedication to getting better, timing, commitment to the cleanse program, and how totally fed up a person is with their current situation. With this magic combination, people with many different health issues often see progress for the very first time.

At Be Well, we often talk about the gut being the root cause of many health issues. If you are experiencing any bloating, gas, constipation, or heartburn, these obvious symptoms should not be ignored. Your body is trying to tell you something. The Be Well Cleanse is focused on gut health and detoxification and helps many people start to see resolution of related and seemingly unrelated issues.  

Why does this happen?

With a cleanse that is focused on gut health, you would imagine that your obvious issues would be addressed, right? We remove foods that you might be sensitive to and aid gut healing with targeted nutrients. But we also see other symptoms improve. Why?

  • Increase energy. By removing non-nutritious foods like sugar and refined carbs, and focusing on the most nutrient-dense foods, people often see a boost in energy. Alcohol, excess caffeine, and food sensitivities can be draining, too, so avoiding them for 14 days will help you investigate what is causing your fatigue.
  • Better sleep. Does heartburn keep you up? Addressing gut health could help with this. Alcohol, food sensitivities, and excess weight can also keep you from a good night’s sleep.  
  • Healthy weight loss. The Be Well Cleanse diet is low carb and avoids inflammatory foods and common food irritants. This combo happens to be a great kick-start to weight loss — a happy side effect for many people.
  • Boost mental clarity. An unidentified food sensitivity and excess sugar can both show up in your body as brain fog. Finding your food sensitivities and removing sugars can boost your mental clarity.
  • Clear skin. Gut issues often express themselves through the skin as rashes or acne. Cleaning up the gut can improve skin conditions too.
  • Reduced cravings. Eating a nutrient-dense and balanced diet will help to reduce cravings, and changing your taste buds by removing sugars for 14 days will start you on the right path.

So, in addition to committing to your health for the 14 days of the cleanse (which is a great start right there!), the Be Well Cleanse provides the support you need to see success!

How can something so simple have such great results?

Your body wants to heal and, given the right tools, this healing process will begin.  

Key elements of the Be Well Cleanse:

Healthy food – not a crash diet or a juice detox. We provide directions for which foods to embrace and avoid, and there are many whole delicious foods included! Focusing on these specific foods will help heal your gut and give you time to find foods that are most supportive for you.

Digestive enzymes – to help break down and absorb nutrients in your food, giving your gut the break it needs to start the healing process

Gut-supportive herbs – to address imbalance in your gut caused by so many things in our daily life: medication, stress, toxins, illness, aging, poor diet, etc.

Liver supportive nutrients – as the main filtration system in the body, the liver needs some love. Targeted nutrients boost the liver’s capacity to do its job and help us eliminate the toxins in our system.

Your dedication and our support can go a long way. Call our Health Coaches for a free 15-minute coaching call to see how Be Well can support you.

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