What’s Up With “What The Health”?

In the last few weeks I have been asked a number of times about my thoughts on the popular new documentary, “What The Health,” on Netflix.

I found the movie quite biased, and only after reading the piece below by investigative journalist, Nina Tercholz, did I realize that the movie-makers were vegan. I am not necessarily against veganism. I think it is a personal choice. But it felt like this movie was basically vegan propaganda, implying that eating meat (whatever the source) will kill you. My concern is that people early in their health paths might adopt a low-fat vegan diet based on watching this movie, which can lead to people eating more sugar, processed soy, and unhealthy carbs. Unfortunately, this is what I see all the the time in my practice, unhealthy junk food vegans.

Balanced perspectives help us see more clearly, rather than only seeing issues — especially important issues like this — from only one angle. So I encourage you all to read Nina’s response below.

“What The Health” Review: Health Claims Backed By No Solid Evidence

And for further reading, consider Robb Wolf’s review:

What The Health: A Wolf’s Eye Review

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