What to Do When You Eat Too Much

It happens—you’re famished by the time dinner’s on the table, and you eat too much too fast and end up feeling stuffed. Or there’s that special occasion meal (hello, Thanksgiving!), where eating becomes a bit of a sport, and you end up overindulging in mashed potatoes and gravy. So when damage is done, what can you do to counter the downsides and hopefully recover fast and without too much pain?


Instead of sinking down into the couch, get up and gently move around. Help clean up after the meal and do the dishes. If you were eating out, walk home or choose a route that allows for at least some walking. Fresh air and the gentle movement will help things move along on the inside, too. The next day, make sure to also fit in some yoga twists to aid the digestive system in addition to a long walk or bike ride to get your heart pumping.

Lighten the Load

Go clean with your food the next day. Start your day with a smoothie that’s easy to digest but that still contains some fiber. Stick to lighter proteins and lots of leafy greens and vegetables for your meals the rest of the day. To aid any symptoms of constipation following a large meal you can take some magnesium citrate and triphala, a cleansing herb that helps the body in its natural elimination process.

Hot, Soothing Beverages

Ginger in all forms is known to relieve nausea, stomachaches, and bloat, so sip a nice warm cup of ginger tea throughout the evening. Peppermint tea, or even a peppermint candy, can help relieve and prevent gas, indigestion, and nausea after a big meal too.


Drink a few big glasses of room-temperature water throughout the evening (and more in the a.m. when you wake up). It might feel strange to add more to your already-full stomach, so take small sips knowing that your body needs the fluids to move all the food along.

Enzyme Help

Digestive enzymes can be wonderful helpers in a situation like this. Ideally, take the supplements at the beginning of the meal, but even taking them right after can help. Digestive enzymes aid our body in breaking down the food we’re ingesting and can therefore also help relieve symptoms such as gas and bloating after eating.

Activated Charcoal

This powerful detoxer can also help in relieving overeating-related symptoms. Activated charcoal soaks up excess gas as well as toxins in the digestive tract and helps flush it out of the body. Take 1,000 mg after overindulging or eating something you know you’re sensitive to (such as gluten), and make sure to drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration. (Do not take charcoal with other supplements or medications, because it can block the absorption of those substances.)

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