When Doing Nothing Is Everything

“When the smallest fragment of Truth enters a man, he can do nothing but obey.”

In the recent weeks I’ve taken a leap – talking about our role, exploring the role that each of us plays, without exception, as portals for energy [either healing or destructive energy] and how we can refine this role of ours through our practices. We are all carrying within us the same capacity to determine the texture of our experiences. Especially if this idea makes you uncomfortable or sounds esoteric, stay with me for a few more sentences.

My dear friend Danny Kalatsky has been writing and offering me random morsels as he goes, and this concept is one of them.

“Remain open and available to a higher purpose that will enhance our ability to be effective, aware beings”

We are all very capable of refining our seeing and listening in a concrete way- so that instead of moving through our day in a state of reactivity, dread, fear, disappointment or worry, we can remain open and available to a higher purpose that will enhance our ability to be effective, aware beings. By this openness I don’t mean we need to extol the virtues of our openness and availability, nor force the role of ultimate peacemaker with our words. It’s about presence. More on that in a few moments.

“We are portals, each of us, for any and all energies that have been created , and we get to choose how and what we receive and communicate”

The availability is key. As soon as we close ourselves off to a person or a circumstance due to some outmoded opinion or misperception we’ve never actually validated, we become a prime source of negativity for ourselves and anyone close to us. We harden ourselves against the world, rigidly rooting ourselves in a limiting position which stops the flow of healing and and creates the conditions for disease within and around ourselves. We are portals, each of us, for any and all energies that have been created, and we get to choose how and what we receive and communicate. How can our practice help us to make that choice in a healing direction?

“Let’s be practical”

So let’s be practical. Consider one glaring source of confusion currently at play in your world right now.

  • First, silently to yourself, say thank you – for that person, that situation. As ridiculous as this may seem, this is catalyzing you to grow and transform.
  • Second, take 3 minutes to sit quietly and review how you’ve been behaving with regard to this circumstance. Have you been reactive? Have you said or done things you wish you hadn’t? Don’t spend this time judging yourself; judgments only drain us. Just see it, even write down a few of your own reactions that are not sitting well with you; by noting these behaviors on paper, in my experience, we can see that it’s likely just a kid of 5, 10, 15 years old, with a given set of unchangeable circumstances, still driving your choices some 20, 30, 40 years later, unchecked.
  • Third, do nothing. Sometimes the best way is to change nothing and simply watch and see. It’s likely that we will have to watch ourselves act that way with that person in that situation hundreds of times – and watch what happens within our bodies and hearts and minds – before we are absolutely done with it. Hugo Cory has told me many times that we must observe ourselves over and over until we cannot bear to bring that sensation upon ourselves one more time. This observation will eventually lead us directly into healing. [Personally, watching myself do or say the same thing over and over, like Jude Law getting recorded by Lily Tomlin and Dustin Hoffman in I Heart Huckabees, is at once horrifying, hilarious, humiliating, and the only way to shift.]
  • Lastly, practice living in your heart. It helps to think of it this way: consider someone in your life who really knows how to listen, how to be present, who offers their attention to you in a way that makes you feel at home wherever you are, and even more importantly, at home in your OWN heart. This is the behavior of someone who is residing in their heart – which takes practice. What does this mean exactly, to reside in your heart? It’s a comfort level at the core of your being, wherein you can stay close to yourself without inserting any buffers [phone calls, emails, addictive substances, food, slumber]. With practice, one moment at a time, each of us is capable of being such a presence within ourselves that we magnetize others who are present for themselves, and we generate cooperation and harmony in the people around us. We become more able to stay open and available for the highest sorts of energies to make our healthy bodies their home.

What would you like to channel, to communicate? Regardless of your history, the choice is yours.

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