Where to Eat On Your International Vacation

Summer travel is in high gear, and eating healthy is still a priority. Check out the Be Well Team’s favorite spots to dine when traveling worldwide.

When in Rome, Mama Eat is haven for the gluten free and celiac travelers. Health coach Laura Kraber, who has the autoimmune condition, knows the risk of failed communication and misunderstanding around safe eats, especially in a foreign countries, so finding a Roman restaurant run by a family of celiacs is like hitting the jackpot. “Mama Eat creates all the classic pasta, pizza and meat dishes completely gluten free, and everything is delicious.” If you are cooking while traveling, Schar is the popular brand of gluten free pastas and breads available in pharmacies as well as some grocery stores. “With the relatively high incidence of celiac in Italy, Italians are knowledgeable about gluten free dining and products are easy to find in stores.”

When in Paris, La Crêperie de Josselin is your go-to place for crepes and opt for the galettes since they are gluten free. Physical therapist Kate Horrigan recommends the goat cheese and walnut galette made with buckwheat flour—“gluten free and delicious.” Kate reminds, “You will walk off any extra calories so do indulge!”

When in Oslo, Kolonihagen is more than a café and restaurant—it’s a true dining experience dedicated to clean, local and organic food. Norwegian health coach Katrine van Wyck highlights that the menu is seasonally focused, and the breads and baked goods are all made with organic ancient grains as well as gluten free options. “I particularly love the outdoor seating at their Frogner location and order the salad with smoked salmon every time!”

When in Sofia, Dreamhouse is the vegetarian spot to hit up. Health coach Kerry Bajaj found this very charming and cozy Bulgarian vegetarian restaurant and even visited two nights in a row. “The food was delicious and you could tell it was made with love.”

When in Lisbon, Cervejaria Romiro is for the night owls who are looking for fresh Portuguese seafood. Health coach Amanda Carney fell in love with Lisbon and its food. “This place has an amazing vibe and wonderful seafood (and veggies!). Plus, it is open late—we made a reservation for 11pm!”

When in Barcelona, Flax & Kale is trending with its “flexitarian” menu—mostly vegetarian but offer fish too. Health coach Jenny Sansouci chose it as a nice sit-down meal and a grab-and-go option. “Awesome ‘flexitarian’ restaurant. Lots of great salads and gluten free options. They also have a takeout counter to grab fresh juices and nut milks.” If you are looking for a cute takeout shop with healthy snacks, smoothies and fresh cold pressed juice, check out Mother BCN. “This is a great place to stop for a recharge when you’re exploring the city!”

When in Berlin, Daluma is the healthy locale for breakfast and lunch. Jenny notes “a fantastic healthy breakfast or lunch spot. This place offers juices, salads and other healthy options in a bright, open café atmosphere.” Bio Company is the healthy chain of organic supermarkets around the city. “The perfect place to stock up on healthy snacks and fresh produce.”

When in Montreal, the restaurant group Crudessence offers the finest in gourmet, raw food dining.  In French “cru” means raw, so their name is literally “raw by essence”.   If you are looking for a great place to buy healthy foods for your stay, Rachel-Béry is super, and they can be found throughout the city centre.

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