Which Almond Butter Tastes the Best?

Almond butter is stealing the spotlight these days as more and more people embrace healthy fats and proteins as the building blocks of their diets. And now more and more brands of nut butters are competing for space, crowding supermarket shelves in a bid for attention. But which is best and why?

We decided to put several high quality nut butters to the test. We purchased seven different brands from three different stores, including a local health food store, Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods Market. We selected only those without sugar, hydrogenated vegetable oils, seed oils and salt, and we made sure to include different varieties: Raw, roasted, chunky, and creamy.

Finally, we made certain to find some very discerning taste buds, employing seven taste testers from our offices, and set up this blind taste test as an afternoon treat!

1. Justin’s Classic Almond Butter Roasted

Type: Creamy, roasted.
Ingredients: Dry roasted almonds, sustainably sourced palm fruit oil.

Justin’s comes in individual serving sizes. These squeeze packets  are great for travel, kids’ lunches, and anyone who wants portion control. We recognize that palm oil, a saturated fat, is one of the ingredients, and we are okay with that. Saturated fats can be part of a healthy diet as long as it’s sustainably sourced. The only downside with Justin’s is the fact that it’s not organic ☹.

Taste Tester Quotes:

  • “Palm oil, a saturated fat, is good for you”
  • “Truly delicious…”
  • “Slightly sweet, smooth, not salty.”
  • “Good for blending!”
  • “Easy to eat, spread, and comes in small package.”

2. Trader Joe’s Raw Almond Butter

Type: Raw, crunchy.
Ingredients: Raw Almonds

Our unanimous verdict on Trader Joe’s Raw Almond Butter is that its liquid-y texture is less than optimal for spreading on foods, but it tastes good and has an excellent price point! But, alas, this one is not organic, either. ☹

Taste Tester Quotes:

  • “Very liquid-y, even once it’s mixed.”
  • “Too sticky”
  • “Would be harder to eat, because it’s so liquid-y … it sometimes drips right off the (gluten free) toast.”

3. Costco

Type: Roasted.
Ingredients: Raw Almonds

This almond butter is affordable and comes in a large jar so it’s great for using in smoothies and baking.

Taste Tester Quotes:

  • “Requires mixing.”
  • “Nice nuttey flavor”
  • “Great price point!”

4. MacraNatha Organic Raw Almond Butter

Type: Creamy
Ingredients: Organic raw almonds

On the plus side, we found this almond butter to be very flavorful, and it’s organic, too! But on the negative side, we had a very hard time mixing it together. There was a layer of oil on the top, and the ground almonds in the base were very hard. This almond butter would be best used with a recipe that calls for a blender!

Taste Tester Quotes:

  • “Very expensive, and it separates.”
  • “Separated and very hard to mix together.”  
  • “I’m put off by the consistency and lack of spreadability.”
  • “Thick, nice flavor!”

5. Gopal’s Sprouted Almond Butter

Type: Sprouted, creamy, unsalted.
Ingredients: Organic Raw Sprouted Almonds

This almond butter gets points for healthiness, as it’s organic and made from sprouted almonds. Sprouted almonds are better for nutrient absorption, and they are lower in phytic acid, too. For the health nut, this ranks as the “healthiest” option in our test.

Taste Tester Quotes:

  • “Totally different flavor than I’m used to.”
  • “A little bitter and chalky!”
  • “Grown-up, health-nut version.”

6. Once Again Almond Butter

Type: Creamy, lightly roasted
Ingredients: Lightly roasted, unblanched, organic almonds.

This one gets five stars, as it was a crowd favorite! It wins all around for its flavor and texture, and for the fact that it’s organic! We nominate this one as our top choice.

Taste Tester Quotes:

  • “This is perfect!”
  • “Good taste, smooth, organic.”
  • “A little sticky.”

7. Woodstock

Type: Crunchy, roasted
Ingredients: Organic, dry roasted, unblanched almonds.

Again, we liked the flavor of this, one as it was roasted as well. We voted this one as the runner up!

Taste Tester Quotes:

  • “Great texture.”
  • “I’m into the roasted taste.”
  • “Organic!”
  • “It’s nice that it doesn’t separate.”

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