Which Protein Powder Is Best for Me?

One of the most common questions we get from clients is “Which of your protein options is best for me?” With our new additions and the benefit of both whey- and pea-based proteins, there are some terrific options to choose from.

Below is a list of the benefits of each protein powder along with other facts that will help you choose the best option for your smoothies/shakes—plus delicious recipes to help you get started.

To begin, why choose a protein powder at all? Protein, like fats and carbohydrates, is a foundational macronutrient that’s essential to the human body. It’s vital to our cells, makes up components of the body like hair, skin, and nails, and plays a crucial role in repairing tissue, building muscle, making enzymes, producing hormones, and many other valuable contributions. It’s no wonder protein shakes have garnered so much hype as a fast and easy way to ensure adequate protein intake each day.

While protein options beyond pea and whey are available on the market, we find these two to be among the most powerful and influential. Look no further than this conversation with Dr. Lipman and Jonathan Bailor to better understand how protein helps you lose weight, burn fat, and keep your heart healthy.

However, for those with other preferences, we always stress quality first and foremost.  A quality hemp protein or egg-white protein, for example, could also be an option (although we prefer eating the whole egg). And of course, high-quality animal proteins in the diet are a great resource beyond smoothies.  

As for soy, we’re not a fan, as it tends to be genetically modified and may not be a good option if you have a hormonal condition such as estrogen dominance. Rice protein and grain-based protein powders are available as well, which could be useful if you’re vegan or vegetarian. However, for those who have sensitivity to grains, carbohydrate intolerance, or issues such as insulin resistance or diabetes, those may not be a great fit. If you don’t have any issue with grains or do well with certain forms, it’s best to keep the carb content to one to two servings (no more than 30 grams) and from only high-quality (preferably soaked/sprouted) gluten-free versions such as quinoa, amaranth, and buckwheat.

Make sure your protein powder has recognizable, non-GMO, organic ingredients without many additives, preservatives, or chemicals. And definitely check for added sugars like agave, high-fructose corn syrup, or artificial sweeteners! (When checking the quantity of any sweetener, remember that 4 grams = 1 tsp serving.) We developed all our protein powders with organic stevia to prevent blood-sugar spikes while still providing sweetness from a natural, clean source. Keep in mind that even with natural sweeteners like raw honey, maple syrup, or coconut sugar, sugar is still sugar. So the quantity matters just as much as the quality.

Smoothie Profiles, with Benefits and Differences:

Plant Protein + Multi

We love delicious pea protein, and Plant Protein + Multi has the added benefit of vitamins and minerals!  If you’re traveling or just need something easy to take on the go, check out our Plant Protein + Multi vanilla-flavored packets (14 or 28 servings).  Along with vitamins and minerals, the packets contain digestive enzyme support as well as L-glutamine (an amino acid we provide on the Cleanse). Digestive enzymes help break down macronutrients, while L-glutamine helps with sugar cravings and soothes the digestive lining of the gut (it’s what our microvilli are made out of!). The tubs come in vanilla and chocolate and do not contain digestive enzymes or L-glutamine. They are slightly higher in fiber content as well. If you are sensitive and/or allergic to dairy and are looking for the added benefits of Plant Protein + Multi post-Cleanse, this is a great fit!


  • All-in-one nutritional shake/meal supplement
  • Satisfies hunger and easy to digest
  • Supports weight and fitness goals
  • Provides essential vitamins and minerals
  • Fiber for digestive health
  • Creatine and CLA for metabolism
  • Easy way to get protein into your diet
  • Great for breakfast or a healthy meal on the go
  • Recommended post-Cleanse shake
  • 100% vegetarian—great source of protein for those who can’t digest dairy products/whey

Whey Complete

For our whey protein lovers, we’ve now created Whey Complete protein in chocolate and vanilla!  Whey protein is found in milk and created as a by-product of cheese. Some people are more sensitive to casein or lactose found in milk, or are altogether allergic to components in dairy. For those who do tolerate whey, however, our high-quality, grass-fed version is a terrific protein option for overall health. The vitamin/mineral/supplement content is the same as that of our plant protein tubs. In terms of consistency, whey is a bit creamier than pea protein when blended, which some prefer. Both our pea and whey protein servings are about 16 grams per scoop—a little over two healthy servings of protein! If additional protein is required, we recommend plain whey protein for 20 grams per serving, or pure protein collagen powder for bone, tendon, skin, and gut health.  


  • Premium-quality grass-fed whey protein
  • Provides the complete range of amino acids
  • Supplies essential vitamins and minerals
  • Satisfies hunger and is easily digestible
  • Supports weight loss and fitness goals
  • Supports healthy energy levels and fights fatigue
  • Strengthens and supports the immune system
  • Serves as a great breakfast or healthy meal on the go
  • Great for adults or children (in a reduced portion size)
  • Provides a tasty and convenient way to get high-quality protein into your diet

Plant Protein + Greens

Plant Protein + Greens is a great option instead of Whey Complete if you have a sensitivity to dairy or a personal preference for pea/plant-based protein. It’s also vanilla/berry flavored. If you want to get the boost of superfoods from fruits and veggies on the go, with less vitamin content (if you take a multivitamin), just throw a scoop in your Be Well Shaker Bottle with water and you’re ready to go! Take note: This is available only in tubs, not packets.


  • Each serving contains 18 grams of protein
  • Concentrated organic greens powder
  • Supports weight loss and fitness goals
  • Regenerative, alkalizing effect on the body
  • Promotes energy, vitality, and a healthy metabolism
  • Satisfies hunger, easily digestible
  • Easy way to increase your intake of nutrient-dense greens
  • Great for adults or children (in a reduced portion size)
  • Flavored with organic stevia leaf extract

Be Well Whey Protein

For those who love Whey Protein and simply want it plain, without the added vitamin/mineral/superfood content, Be Well Whey in vanilla or chocolate is ideal. With its complete amino acid profile and over 20 grams of protein per serving, it’s a terrific source for fitness or health enthusiasts. This is available only in tubs, not packets.


  • Satisfies hunger and easy to digest
  • Supports weight and fitness goals
  • Boosts energy, fights fatigue
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Builds lean muscle mass, aids post-workout recovery
  • May reduce inflammation and moderate blood-sugar levels
  • Easy way to get high-quality protein into your diet

Be Well Organic Plant Protein

Be Well Plant is offered in vanilla or unflavored so you’re in control of the sweetness. There’s still 20 grams of protein per serving like our Whey, so it’s also an excellent source for fitness or health enthusiasts who can’t tolerate dairy or choose not to eat dairy products. This is available only in tubs, not packets.


  • Each serving contains 20 grams of protein
  • Supports weight loss and fitness goalsPromotes energy, vitality, and a healthy metabolism
  • Satisfies hunger, easily digestible
  • Perfect addition to your smoothie
  • Great for adults or children (in a reduced portion size)

Be Well Superfood Powders

Our superfood powders are a great addition to any smoothie, especially plain pea or whey, and can even be enjoyed on their own with water or almond milk. If you want the benefits of concentrated phytonutrients, try our Phytogreens tub, Phytoreds tub, or Be Well Greens packets—great for travel when you need additional high-quality fruits and veggies that may be hard to find. Be Well Greens are presweetened, unlike Phytogreens, and the Phytoreds have a delicious strawberry flavor.

For smoothie recommendations, check out our favorite smoothie recipes.

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