This is not usually a complaint I hear once people are on the Spent program and start eating the Spent restorative diet….foods close to nature and in sync with their body rhythms and low in sugar etc etc .

But it is a complaint I hear fairly frequently, especially when people are on a detox or a particular diet.

So here are my thoughts/responses/tips

  1. Make sure you are actually hungry. Many people misinterpret the feeling of thirst for a sensation of hunger. They are actually dehydrated without knowing it because they don’t drink enough water and because they consume so many caffeinated beverages – sodas, coffee, tea, chocolate, etc. which have a diuretic effect.
  2. Look for emotional triggers to eating….many people eat when they are angry or frustrated, need to relieve stress or comfort an emotional wound without even realizing it. Many times when people deal with the reasons they are angry, frustrated or fearful, their hunger resolves.
  3. You may not be getting enough good nutrients in your food, even if you are eating a predominantly organic diet. Everyone needs trace nutrients – things like selenium, boron, copper, manganese, cobalt, chromium, germanium, molybdenum, and many others. Although organically grown foods normally test higher in all these nutrients, even organic foods do not always contain all the necessary trace nutrients because the soil they are grown in is often depleted. The body will register a lack of nutrients as hunger no matter how much food is eaten. In other words, you could be “full” but your hunger not satisfied. There are many Experts who feel that this lack of trace nutrients is a major reason for the American overeating and obesity epidemic.
  4. Not getting enough good nutrients in your food may also be from a digestive imbalance. The problem of feeling hungry is not always due to inadequate food intake, but poor absorption of nutrients from the digestive system. If you are not getting enough nutrients, your body will still send you messages that say it is still hungry.
  5. Rule out parasites. Parasites are an epidemic (in NY anyway) and these parasites can feed off the nutrients that we eat and leave us hungry.
  6. Many people are chronically tired and hungry because they have an hormonal imbalance. (This is not something that always shows up on a blood test) For instance, when people have significant drops in their blood sugar, it leaves them feeling ravenously hungry, exhausted and highly anxious.

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  • JST Books

    selenium supplement is a best mineral. It is taken in to the body in water and food. It prevents from blood disease and cancer.

  • Gajendra1234

    This is very interesting article. One of my friend who is diabetic for many years suddenly started having similar symptoms. I am guessing it could be because of some parasites but unsure about which/ how to get rid of this unwanted alien. Can you please provide more detailed information in this regard.

  • calah

    i want to eat from the central chines buffet.

  • Dharwal

    hi sir,
    i am feeling too much hungry after eating so can you tell me better medicine for that one

  • Haujellie

    I am always hungry and this didn’t help and all I do is eat I never put weight on does
    This mean in the future I’ll be n

  • gift

    i feel hungr too often what could be the cause

  • isaiah munfus

    I am doing a science fair project can you Help me please I’m doing it on hunger

  • Honestboy


  • Fennar

    Last time I checked, chocolate wasn’t a caffeinated drink. But I could be wrong…

  • Potato

    Chocolate contains caffeine though, maybe that’s what they’re going for.

  • Akkahaiak

    I am constantly hungry and I cannot cope no more I am literally eating like very 5 mins and it is annoying af bc radomly at night I can’t sleep because I fell hungry again. I need help. Everyone is telling me I don’t need to worry because I’m not putting weight on although this does not mean I won’t put weight on in the future!!!

  • amanda

    am always eating never stop it is like i have a high mitabulism if i don’t eat i go light headed or feel sick

  • TheNutritionist

    That’s not how to spell metabolism

  • Dan Playz

    I have been feeling hungry for 2 days now but im only 11 i think its because i dont eat right im not shore but right now im eating apples lol so i dont feel hungry so often.
    I hope this works if it does il say thankyou the next day or another day if it gets better.
    Plz help im scared :'(

  • Anonymous

    some of us appreciate good spelling and find your disgusting verbiage to be loathsome. You convey a lack of education and civility. Your post is far more offensive than a spelling correcttion.

  • Anonymous

    If you’re reaching for a piece of fresh fruit when you are hungry at the age of 11, I’m pretty sure you are on the road to good health.

  • alonelion

    that’s so right, because right now I am hungry , but I have just eat a big meal, so I use what he said , drink a cup of water , I am not hungry , thank you for writing the article.

  • Jennifer Lam

    You Can Bring Your Hunger To A Dead Full Stop

    No diet will help you that keeps you hungry. Hunger is an irresistible force. Sooner or later, willpower always gives in to hunger.

    Eat Paleo. You will never be hungry. One of the unique features of eating pure Paleo makes it metabolically impossible for you to experience hunger.

    I had been trying to lose weight for a long time (more than 4 years). I didn’t know where to turn to or what else to try. Until one day…

    By accident, I stumbled across Paleo — I wasn’t even searching anymore (I had given up). This discovery changed my entire life. I now wear a size 6 dress. (I used to wear an 17).

    Sorry, I digress. So, it’s all about hunger. Stop your hunger. Be open open-minded enough and try it, prove it yourself.

    ‘Paleoleap’ has a fantastic 8 week meal plan & recipe book (step-by-step) which I love to recommend to people who try to lose weight and who are frustrated about their weight. Go ahead and read Tim’s review (http://timreviews.com/paleo-recipe). Read it and check it out.

    I know I keep mentioning that book, but I can’t help it. Again and again I witness friends, family members going through a positive transformation in their lives…just by eating Paleo. Do you want to change, too?

    All the best,


  • Anne27

    It sounds possible you could have Graves disease – just possible – you might have your thyroid checked. When I had Graves I was hungry/ate constantly and lost weight.

  • ellen

    I am constantly humgry. I dont know why.

  • ellen

    I suppose it something do with anger. I am furious person.

  • ellen

    I alway drive people go nuts.

  • Shazia khan

    A very good article though but still couldn’t figure out the reason of my unwanted hunger. I am a diet conscious person but few days ago I started taking multi vitamins and now I feel unbearable hunger. I left it but still all the time I remain hungry. Please suggest me what’s wrong with me.

  • Brooke

    I fill hungry all the time I can’t help myself last night me and my partner had a big dinner then he went down the shops and I ate another whole meal and still felt hungry what do I do what can I take to stop this

  • Vhon Anthony Parahinog

    Hi sir. I get hungry an hour after i eat. Then i have this weird noise in my stomach that i could hear before and after i eat. Are those things still normal?

  • Glo

    To the nutritionalist regarding spelling The person had a problem and was desperate to find someone to alleviate and help them. So u come along and add to it. Stay away from these boards if u don’t have something u are trying to find help for. Please.

  • cheryl

    Hi I am on a diet for 4 daes I eat my outs in the morning and drink 500ml 8 off them a day every day thats what I drink 10 o clock I have my snack and 12 o clock my lunch and 3 o’clock my snack and 17:30 my supper at 20:00 I still feel hungry why

  • cheryl

    Hi I am on a diet for 4 daes I eat my outs in the morning and drink 500ml 8 off them a day every day thats what I drink 10 o clock I have my snack and 12 o clock my lunch and 3 o’clock my snack and 17:30 my supper at 20:00 I still feel hungry why

  • DDubya

    Someone’s hangry. Go grab a snickers.

  • Fatima

    I am constantly hungry, as soon as a wake up I’m hungry and it feels like I haven’t eaten in a whole day and it hurts my stomach. Idk what to do because it hurts a lot and I’ve been trying to drink a lot of water but idk if it’s really helping.

  • Wayne

    I’m always hungry….for every bad reason possible. I LOVE FOOD!

  • María

    Hi, Amanda. I had similar symptoms a few months ago and they diagnosed me with metabolic syndrome -precursor of type 2 diabetes. You should see a doctor. However, you can also make some easy changes in your diet. Stop having any foods or drinks that contain too much added sugar such as soda, specialty coffee, desserts, milk chocolate, bread made with refined flour, etc. You can swap these for foods that provide a healthier kind of sugar such as fruit or wholemeal products. You should also check how often you are eating. If you are only having breakfast, lunch and dinner, include a snack midmorning and midafternoon. Each snack should be low in added sugar, and high in protein and healthy fats -you can try to include almonds and other nuts (up to 10 pieces at a time, more is highly caloric), nonfat yoghurt, hummus, veggies, fruit, etc. Hope it helps though it’s been a year!!! (And I just noticed :( )

  • María

    Hi, Fatima. You may not be taking enough nutrients in your meals. Something that helps avoiding hunger is consuming high-in-protein- foods, such as lean meats (beef,chicken) or fizh, eggs, and some dairy products such as cottage cheese or greek yoghurt. Also, slow-burning carbs can help with this; some foods contanining the latter are quinoa, potato, sweet potato, You can also add healthy fats with omega-3 such as avocado or almonds, because fat keeps you feeling satisfied for longer. Something else that may be causing this feeling is the time you eat dinner or the amount of food. If you eat dinner too early and it’s a long time before your stomach receives food, you will get that ugly feeling of emptiness; you can try to eat a very light snack before going to sleep (a few almonds and a sugar-free cookie or celery and hummus). Now, if you are having too much food for dinner, that makes your stomach work extra and can also cause you to wake up the next day feeling extra hungry. This usually happens when you eat a lot of red meat for dinner Hope you find this info useful!

  • Emily

    I have gallstones which has caused countless issues within the last few weeks. My gallbladder is now blocked causing jaundice and high liver function test but the last 2-3 days my appetite has returned with vengeance and I’m finding that I am constantly hungry. Is there a reason? I’m eating normal foods at the moment so it can’t be a lack of something.

  • Meow

    Thanks for the info Maria!!

  • Meow

    Probably you aren’t taking in enough nutritions. As you are still growing up, you would need to ensure you have protein (from chicken, fish etc) vegetables, rice, noodles, fruits. You also have to take in enough calories for your age.

  • Janice Adcock

    You are being rude by your remark. You didn’t even offer advice. You may have intimidated the person from asking future questions. You could have spelled metabolism while offering an answer/advice. That would have sufficed without embarrassing the person. Just my take on it.

  • Samantha Torres

    I feel hungry very often and ifi do have graves disesse should i go to the doctor?? Or??

  • Janet

    Ok so you say were not getting enough trace nutrients, do you have any suggestion on how to make this happen. Or if it’s a hormonal imbalance and doesn’t show up on a blood test what can I do? Are their some kind of vitamin to take? I like many of these people am always hungry! I need help before I gain any more weight! Already overweight, diabetic and have high blood pressure.