William Davis on Wheat

Dr. William Davis, author of “Wheat Belly” exposes the incredible appetite-stimulating, overweight- and obesity-creating effects of this peculiar product of genetics research called “wheat.”

Dr. Davis discusses why “eat more healthy whole grains” is the biggest nutritional blunder made on a national scale–and why eliminating it is among the most powerful strategies he’s ever witnessed for losing substantial weight and reversing numerous health conditions.

  • Leighello

    This is somewhat misleading….breads are not whole-grains! they are made from flours, thereby a type of processed food. Many people who cannot digest breads and other flour products do fine with whole grains, including couscous, spelt berries, wheat berries, etc…not to mention the many other delicious grains. Bread, made from flour and often other less than desirable ingredients, are then baked and often then toasted before being eaten, making them very dehydrating as well as hard to digest.

    let’s not throw whole grains out on account of misleading marketing tactics and processed grain products, and let’s educate ourselves about real, whole foods.

  • Leighello: sorry, but couscous is not a whole grain either. Couscous is a processed product made from ground semolina (or other ground grains) that is hand rolled. It is processed as much as pasta is.