Winter Survival

When I look at protecting and maintaining beautiful skin, I look beyond the products we apply. Our lifestyle is reflected in our skin. Everything from stress to lack of sleep effects the way we look and feel. It is the sum of our life that keeps us glowing.

Winter can be harsh on both our exterior and interior. With everything from constantly being inside with heaters on (which cause excessive dryness and dehydration), to damage from elements (such as wind, ice, extreme cold temperature), and lack of natural sun light, winter can be difficult.

Here are some tips to keep your spirits up and your skin beautiful this winter.

For the outside:

  1. Learn to layer. Just like you layer on the clothes to keep warm, layer on the moisturizer to keep hydrated. First apply a rich oil (avocado, almond, massage oil blend) and then seal it in with a butter (shea, pure butter balms, sticks and rich body creams).
  2. Layer your lips as well. If you wear lipstick, but a balm on under to keep them moist, hydrated and cracked and chapped free.
  3. Use butters on your hands and feet. Apply after shower or bath and keep on all night by wearing cotton gloves and booties to sleep.
  4. Ditch the detergent body cleanser bars, liquid, and gels and use a real bar of handmade old fashion real soap.
  5. Keep mineral oil, petroleum, and coco butter off your lips. Look for lip products that contain shea butter, avocado oil, and apricot oil.
  6. Wear natural fibers so your skin can breath.
  7. Skip the long, hot showers. Luke warm, shorter showers are best.
  8. Moisturize in the bath or shower with a salt or sugar scrub. Look for scrubs with butters and oils, not glycerin or chemical cocktails.

For the inside:

  1. Make your bath your winter sanctuary. Find time to light a candle and take a bath.
  2. Use aromatherapy to lift your mood. Try a plant hydrosol instead of essential oil. Sumbody’s Neroile Dew Me is perfect for winter anxiety and the Rose Dew Me works wonders for depression and mood swings.
  3. Laugh with friends, play games, and get fresh air.
  4. Go with-in. Embrace the darkness and take 10 minutes in the morning to clear your thoughts. Close your eyes and spend some quiet time with yourself. Winter can be a powerful time of reflection and growth.

Skin hydration myth

Don’t confuse hydration with moisture. You can have oily skin and still not be properly hydrated. In order to beat the winter blues, you need to be both properly hydrated (water and fluids) and moisturized (oils and butters). Drink plenty of water, and lock water in your skin by applying oils and moisturizers in the shower. Keep your face properly hydrated with a face serum high in hydraulic acid, and seal with a face oil or cream rich in oils. Fluid between the cells is imperative for healthy skin. It allows both what you are applying to be absorbed and waste to be expelled.

You don’t need to break the bank

You can find wonderful moisturizing products for skin in the food isles of your health food store such as avocado oil, coconut butter and olive oil.

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