2016 Resolution #5: Work Out More

Throughout January–the initiation month of New Year resolutions–the Be Well health coaches will be tackling their clients’ top resolutions for 2016.

It’s not always easy to follow through on the New Year’s resolution to exercise. Even with the best intentions, getting it done in the cold, dark months of winter can be especially hard! So many of our clients need some extra motivation. Here are a few fun ways to work out more in 2016!

1. Make It Social!

Rather than meet a friend for a cocktail after work, sign up for a workout class together! It would be rude to cancel plans, right?

2. Wear What You Love!

Remember as a kid when you had a new outfit for the first day of school? It might sound silly, but a fresh pair of sneakers can still put a skip in your step. If your budget is still feeling the holidays, just take some extra time to make sure your work out clothes are well-cared for and not stuffed in the bottom of a drawer! Make it easy to pull on your favorite color running pants or that tank top which makes you feel amazing. We’re all kids at heart!

3. Make a Date!

Not all dates need to take place over a meal or at the movies. Check your local listings for tons of fun classes, and ask that special someone to come with you! Break the ice with partner yoga or learn to salsa and dance the night away! 

4. Don’t Overdo It!

The goal is to be consistent with your workout schedule. If you push yourself too hard at the outset, you’ll most likely might burn out before too long. Choose a sustainable schedule and commit to a workout that’s do-able.

5. Try Something New!

Ever been rock climbing? Done acro yoga? Walked a tightrope? Local gyms and studios and meet-up groups offering all kinds of classes and activities these days. With a little bit of research, you’ll find more ways to move than you ever knew!

6. Get Yourself Outdoors!

Be a walker, if you’re not a runner. How about a nice hike? You don’t need to go far but find some nature nearby and look around while you walk around. Live in the city? Hop on a train or a bus and make your way out. You don’t usually have to go far to find some beautiful trails. 

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