Wrinkle Myths, Truths, and Solutions

Is there a fountain of youth? So many products and procedures promise to shed years, reduce wrinkles and make you look 20 again. Some not only don’t work, but also cause your skin to age prematurely. Others can achieve some level of success. Learn what works, what does not, and how chemicals in your favorite products waste your money and damage your skin.

Label claims are exactly that: claims. There’s often nothing substantive or truthful about them. As a society, we value beauty and strive to look young. Companies exploit these desires, knowing that we will try just about anything in our search for a miracle cure for ageing. But the truth is, skin ages as we grow older, and nothing will absolutely get rid of wrinkles. There are products that will retard wrinkles (help prevent, not cure), soften fine lines and wrinkles, repair damaged cells, and boost collagen. But consumers need to keep reasonable expectations in mind. One manner of achieving dramatic results without actually getting rid of wrinkles is to restore luster and glow to the skin. Lackluster and peaked skin ages the face, and restoring the skin’s moisture and vitality can shave off the years.

One of the most important ways you can prevent your skin from ageing quickly is to make sure you’re not dousing it with harmful chemicals. Pay particular attention to chemical names that end in “-cone”. These belong to a family of chemicals that are essentially plastic (think silicone bake ware). “Cones” are not the worst offenders for your health, but they are a nightmare for you skin. “Cones” get lodged in pores, mix with oils and dirt, and create a plug that prevents anything from getting in or out. As a result, the natural oils in your skin go rancid, which breaks down collagen and accelerates ageing. Avoiding “cones” helps keep your pores clean so they can breathe and function properly.

Now that we’ve covered what to avoid, let’s talk about two of the most effective anti-aging ingredients: hyaluronic acid (HA) and retinol. HA restores the fluid between cells. We need HA to keep our skin plump and prevent it from sinking onto our bones. HA is available in many skin products—pick one where it is listed towards the top of the ingredient deck for a higher concentration, and also be sure to check the label for “cones” before purchasing! Retinol is a form of vitamin A. It helps prevent wrinkles as well as smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Collagen keeps skin youthful and plump, preventing fine lines and wrinkles. Retinol acts to simulate the effects of collagen in skin. With these two ingredients in hand, you’ll get as close as it comes to that coveted fountain of youth.

While your skin will definitely benefit from these two ingredients, there’s an even easier way to help prevent signs of aging: keep your face clean. Skin needs a deep pore cleaning/detox in order to stay healthy, young, vibrant, and glowing. This also allows skin to readily absorb products we use. While cleaning out your pores, be mindful of what you put on (or flows over, ie shampoo) your face. If your shampoo contains gobs of dimethicone, then all your mindfulness in reading the labels on your face cleanser will be a waste. Read the ingredients in your foundation and moisturizer, and if your shampoo or conditioner contains “cones”, wash your hair to the side so shampoo and conditioner do not flow over your face. Once you have cleaned out your congested pores, it is much easier to prevent chemical buildup. You will notice the difference once your pores are clean and clear and your skin can breathe and function properly!

D.I.Y. Products


Mix together equal parts of the following: soymilk, honey, and finely ground almonds.

Soymilk hydrates and almonds exfoliate, while honey is a natural humectant.


Add rose hip tea and green tea to 1 cup of simmering water and until ½ cup. Add in your choice of citrus peel (lemon, lime, orange, etc).

Store left over in the refrigerator for later use.


Lightly steam carrots and kale. Mix in a blender: ¼ tsp the steamed vegetables, 1/8 tsp soymilk, 1/8 tsp honey or agave, and 1/8 tsp whole egg.

Note: make a larger batch of this recipe and freeze some to use later to avoid any waste. Or make a batch with your girlfriends and have a facial party!

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