Yoga At Ubuntu Education Fund In Port Elizabeth, South Africa

I have been involved with the Ubuntu Education Fund for a number of years now and feel proud to be part of the Ubuntu family. After going there with my mentor and yoga teacher, Lindsey Clennell a number of years ago and starting a yoga program, I was thrilled to see the development of this when I recently returned a few months ago. Here kids in our after school program were having a yoga class, so I took out my flip camera and filmed some of it.

Ubuntu Education Fund understands that children growing up in the townships of Port Elizabeth, South Africa face challenges and obstacles that often prevent them from accessing the same opportunities as their global peers.  With a 40% rate of HIV/AIDS in the community, many of Ubuntu’s students are either infected or affected by the HIV/AIDS crisis.  To this end, Ubuntu has created an after school program and holiday camps that provide a safe space for students to experience activities that can broaden their knowledge and interests.  During these camps, students are also provided with academic and psychosocial support. 

 In the camps, children experience yoga, baking, pottery and ballroom dance classes which help to create more well-rounded, creative individuals.  The camps also provide an opportunity for children to learn new skills and take a break from the hardships they face on a daily basis. The Ubuntu Model of development focuses on not just touching a child’s life but fundamentally changing it.  To achieve this, Ubuntu’s has developed a unique approach to development that integrates medical, psychosocial and educational support.  This model ensures that a child who is enrolled in their services is guided down a pathway to increased opportunities – the ultimate goal being university and the world of work.  For more information on Ubuntu Education Fund please visit their website (

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